10 games to play without Internet

While the online gaming and multiplayer options are as strong as ever, it’s still nice to grab a cup of coffee and take some time out on the weekend. Whether by choice or necessity, it’s great to be able to fully enjoy the game without the internet.

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No internet scenario can come in all shapes and sizes. Long drives with Switch in hand, infrastructure work in your area, or just a desire to play games like never before. Regardless of the circumstances, there are some great games to play when you’re offline.


10/10 Disco Elysium

Before the heyday of video games, people actually sat down and read novels (amazing, right?). Well, Disco Elysium gives you a similar experience as it’s a story-driven mystery RPG full of interesting ideas and characters.

Disco Elysium has been endlessly praised by many, and for good reason. The game is endlessly deep, with an interesting plot, memorable characters, and amazingly deep choices. The game takes a while, but thanks to how interesting and original it is, the time flies.

9/10 Red Dead Redemption 2

A beautiful screenshot of Arthur Morgan and his horse overlooking a mountain range in Red Dead Redemption 2

One thing a game can offer in terms of offline play is exploration. Few games do this better than Red Dead Redemption 2. With the large sandbox of the wild west map, the game is perfect for hours of play. The huge world is not empty either, as it is filled with several events, characters and iconic locations.

The game is revered for a reason. In this world, even galloping on your horse is rewarded in its own way. You can absolutely spend hundreds of hours on Red Dead Redemption, even without tracking quests, it’s a great game to play if you don’t have internet access.

8/10 God of War Ragnarok

god of war ragnarok

The newest game on this list, God of War Ragnarok, is no less iconic than the other entries. To be fair, God of War (2018) can also be added here with Ragnarok as both games offer great gameplay and a deep story. Ragnarok is able to explore itself a little more freely.

The game itself is flawlessly designed. You may find yourself spending hours researching and killing Odin’s Ravens before returning to the story. Speaking of the story, it’s one of the best you’ll find today. The characters, plot, and overall whimsy of this game is simply incredible.

7/10 Enter the Gungeon

In Enter the Gungeon, a hunter standing behind an overturned table battles his bullet-kin enemies

If you don’t want to spend hours on a sprawling RPG or an interesting story, roguelikes are your best bet. While your game of choice could be any of the classics like The Binding of Isaac, Slay The Spire or Hades, Enter The Gungeon is a safe bet as it is one of the best.

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The game has at least hundreds of valuable content with unlockable bosses, weapons and characters. The incredibly smooth gameplay is what makes Enter The Gungeon stand out from the rest. The mechanics are beautifully executed and the flow never breaks.

6/10 Divinity: Original Sin 2

Divinity 2 Party Picture, lizard, elf, immortal, human and dwarf

One of the most fun activities that doesn’t require the internet is getting together with a few friends and playing D&D. Well, Divinity: Original Sin 2 lets you do just that without setting up a session with friends.

While Divinity is a great experience when played online with friends, it can also be an absolute blast when played alone. It’s a joy to plan and build a party, especially in more difficult settings, and experience the story to the fullest.

5/10 Lego Games

Darth Vader Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga

While none of the Lego games are known for pioneering the genre or being particularly innovative, they are fun. These are the comfort food of action puzzle solving games and are great games to play if you’ve been offline for a while.

The real charm of these games is how optimized they are for completion. Even after beating the story, you’ll still have hours worth of collectibles to find and unlock. Another great thing about them is the wide range of IPs. It’s truly an all-you-can-eat buffet of iconic franchises.

4/10 Outer worlds

Outer Realms - The opening pitch of Star Bay

For those looking for a more immersive RPG with tons of action similar to Fallout or Skyrim, The Outer Worlds is a great choice. It’s the spiritual successor to Fallout New Vegas, and it feels like it. The core gameplay is awesome, great gunplay and the ability to solve obstacles in countless ways.

Outer Worlds especially shines with how funny and clever it is. With a heavy satirical take on capitalism and consumerism, the game has constant moments of hilarity. A great game to lose yourself in for a few hours until the internet comes back.

3/10 Batman: Arkham series

Batman Arkham Origins Key Art

Speaking of immersion, the Arkham series of games are probably the greatest superhero games of all time. Arkham City might be the obvious choice here, but any game in the series is worth revisiting, especially after the underwhelming release of Gotham Knights.

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Many players have already poured hundreds of hours into the series and completed it, but still, flying around Gotham is such a joy. The story continues, too, so it’s a fun time to revisit the iconic game from scratch.

2/10 Planet Coaster and Planet Zoo

Lion Lion and Lion Cub at Planet Zoo

Planet Coaster and Zoo were developed years ago by many of the people who worked on the Tycoon games, while online play was just becoming popular. So the games are completely enjoyable without a connection.

The sandbox nature of these games adds unlimited hours of replay value with tons of content to experiment with. After all, these are tycoon and management games, which means you can set your own goals, introduce your own challenges, and start all over again if you get tired of your current venture.

1/10 Pokemon Nuzlockes


Pokemon is by far the biggest franchise in the world, and while the latest games have been disappointing, the series is still one of the best at what it does. If you’ve been out of touch, it might be the perfect time to try your hand at the Nuzlocke Challenge.

The Nuzlocke Challenge is a set of self-imposed rules that aim to make any Pokemon game you play more challenging and exciting. The rules are simple, limiting your Pokemon catches and preventing you from using fainted Pokemon. This way of playing Pokemon makes it more interesting and challenging, which the games could use to be honest. You can also choose if you want to try your favorite Pokemon game.

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