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A Step to Suppressing Anxiety

Anxiety attacks and panic disorders are very common these days. They are manifestations of anxiety getting out of control. Most people try to fight anxiety but the best way is not fighting it which helps in not accelerating the anxiety and by accepting, we can trace the cause and suppress the effects.

The cause of anxiety in today’s modern culture is triggered by many factors. Most of us are in constant fear having that we live in a fear-based society; we worry about our beauty, status, wealth and so much more leading to, us neglecting our physical, mental and spiritual health. We end up looking for stimulants to numb the feelings and calm the mind to control these anxieties with alcohol, binge-watching, junk food, drugs, and alcohol.

Anxiety and panic both start in the mind often leading to overthinking, then the physical symptoms manifest. Commonly referred to as the un-relaxed mind. We are easily tricked by the mind. We believe the mind but; the mind is a great fabricator of fantasies about the future, lies about the present and unnecessary stuff about the past. Many times, the mind does not work for us unless we train it to work for us all the time not against us at others, only then will one rise above these limits.

One important lesson on getting rid of anxiety is not to worry. Worrying only fuels anxiety. One should strive to understand what anxiety is, its cause and how to treat it. “If the problem can be solved, why worry. If the problem cannot be solved, worrying will do you no good” Shanti Deva. Many things we worry about are beyond our control hence not worth worrying about them.

The mind loves worrying probably since the mind loves solving puzzles but some puzzles don’t need solving. Sometimes there’s genius in simplifying a complex issue. Meditation helps to calm the mind. Meditation is focusing on the present moment and watching your thoughts pass by like clouds in the sky instead of engaging with them, calming the un-relaxed mind peacefully with acceptance.

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2 thoughts on “A Step to Suppressing Anxiety

  1. Good entry you have there, on relieving anxiety.
    Smiles. So many ways to relieve stress…thousands of ways, some better than others. Music, puzzles, breathing, spirituality, and just being in the moment… Gardening seems to work wonders but only if you can garden without worrying if the flowers will die. Smiles. Sorry, couldn’t resist that one. Reading , writing, permitting your own voice to be heard , smiling, random acts of kindness, blogging, reading the Bible, riding bikes, walking, and even raking leaves up , all different ways of relieving stress. Goodness, sleeping helps also. Time to go . Have a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful, creative, happy new year. Peace . artfromperry

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