Your Purpose

Often, we relate purpose to a future; where I’m going, what I’m supposed to do and what my goal is but this is an outer purpose. The most important purpose is finding and understanding your inner purpose. Inner purpose is aligning your life fully to the present moment. Aligning to what you are doing right now, even if it doesn’t seem relevant to your projection of your life. Be true to life by being true to this moment. (Eckart Tolle)

The means and the end are one. The end is not more important than the means, there’s always this one step which is primary and the end is secondary. If you do not respect the present moment and pay attention to it, be open to it, you are dishonoring life in a way and this is how you will experience your future because your future is an extension of now. Your state of consciousness now will determine your future manifestation and when that happens, it will be now. 

Your purpose right now is to be on this page, reading this article. If you do your best at this moment, you will create the next best moment. You experience the future as the now, Life is now.

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