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Where does your character come from?

Photo by Benjamin Elliott on Unsplash

Most people believe that we are born with our characters and that some are inherent but that belief is greatly flawed. We are born with so many things but our character is not one of them. We are born with intuition, the will to grow and instincts for survival. Our characters develop from inception to growth through; environments and learning through observation plus what we perceive in the early stages of life then through our thoughts as we get older. 

To help you connect a link between your thoughts and character and their relation I will quote Mahatma Gandhi on; your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your beliefs and values, your beliefs and values become your character and your character defines your destiny influenced by your beliefs and values. 

Character is judged based on one’s behavior and behavior is a response to how one reacts to situations. Characters vary widely and roughly are influenced by one’s mental and nervous constitution on which the reactions depend on. (Human Character by Hugh Elliot) Part of the constitution can be partly inborn if it is on the primal mind of instincts to survival and the rest is acquired. Characters may then define the personality. Personality is a bit more complex just by the fact that an individual may have several personalities that’s why the ancients considered it a mask explaining the origin of the word personality from a Latin word ’persona’ meaning mask but one’s character does not vary since they are rooted in beliefs. If you want to change some of your undesired character traits, start by watching your thoughts and the environments you subject yourself to. Look at your empowering and dis-empowering beliefs and work on them for they are the foundation of your character.

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