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Energize Your Intentions the Right Way to Manifest Your Desires

Photo by 
Ankhesenamun 96  on Unsplash

When you look back, you’ll see that where you are in life and what you have probably crossed your mind at some point. This shows that the universe works backward. You have the thought then you are led to the result. You create a dominant mental picture of your future energized with emotion, then there are a series of coincidences, synchronicities, and nudges that make you end up where those things suggested you would.

Through this discovery, you might ask; but I dreamt’ of being a millionaire with a house, good car and luxurious life but I don’t have any of that. There are 3 logical explanation for that. One, there was too much involvement regarding how the manifestations will come about. Two, you didn’t solely focus on the result and three, you didn’t spend sufficient time of having the feeling of having what you want, as already manifested.

The universe is not interested in how you think things should come about or your timeline. Your responsibility in manifesting what you want is;

  1. Identify your result, set your intention and visualize it.
  2. Spend time each day feeling how you would naturally feel when you’ve achieved the attainment of your desire.
  3. Take action when you are intuitively guided to be in constant motion towards the attainment of your desire.
  4. Act as if you are already your future self, constantly enjoying your results.

Whenever an intention is formed, it consists of two components. The first is the content of the intention. The information part of the desire such as a new house or job. The second part is the energy added to it. The feeling such as passion, gratitude or love. The feeling is the energy that’s produced and charge the intentions. Energy is given to an intention when strong feelings are connected to it. The biggest mistake that happens when people are trying to manifest is focusing on the content alone which is not enough. Energy is an essential part of the brain and intention to physical reality. It’s like staring at an egg in its shell and wondering why it is not cooked yet. Consider all the content available on the internet, without electricity, the content won’t reach you, it’ll be static. The energy of content can be compared to electricity in this case. Are you energized when it comes to manifesting your desires?

Emotions and feeling states measure intentional energy. They let you measure how much energy you are placing into your intention. The source of this energy is the universe. It’s always at our disposal we only need to connect. It’s good to understand using the electricity example that electrons are already encased in the wires of an electrical system and at a flip of a switch they begin to flow by completing the circuit. Intentions Work in the same manner, the energy is available ready to be used. Once the current is flowing in the right direction, the energy is moved into the intention and gives it life.

The content the energy is matched with is irrelevant as far as the universe goes either positive or negative it’ll be charged just the same. Just like electricity has no bias whether you are lighting a bulb or heating an oven. Try holding a thought ‘I am happy’, now give it positive emotion, smile, pretend you are on vacation or doing something you like. Hold the thought with this added energy. Notice the difference from before when you first had the thought? Can you recognize the increased energy even though the original content of it remain unchanged? Now, try to reduce the

Intensity of the energy you were adding. Think of ‘I am happy’ without going to a happy place. If you remove the energy that you have added, the thought goes back to its original state of plain content. Hold it there in your mind for a moment and notice how it feels different without your conscious participation in energetic form. Are you able to sense the difference?We can spend hours in low energy thoughts that have great content but will not manifest results. Energy is not something we can create or destroy. It simply exists. It’s ever-present and always available. What makes a person feel strong emotion is not the energy itself but rather the flow of energy they allow to flow through them. As conscious beings, we can direct the flow of universal energy to our intentions. It’s a natural ability with varying degrees of competencies. Although it’s innately ingrained in everyone, it can be improved upon with practice. It takes dedication, patience, and practice. The ability to successfully apply the law of attraction intentionally depends on the ability to generate energy flow. Forming intentions with great content but no energy will not produce the desired results. We each have the choice to be either manifesting to be happy or be happily manifesting.

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