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Frequency and Vibration

Photo by Erik Witsoe  on Unsplash

Everything vibrates, everything moves in circular motions nothing rests, this is one of the laws of the universe. Nothing exists in the objective reality that did not come from vibration. However, everything has different frequency (own vibration frequency) but all is connected in an energetic level called the unified field. “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration” Nikola Tesla.

Our thoughts have the power to change the structure of our bodies, increase our energy levels and frequency. Thoughts and intentions have profound effects on our inner and outer world. “The Universe does not hear what you are saying, it feels the vibration you are offering.” Abraham Hicks. Our thoughts and intention determine our current state in life. We create our own reality and like attract like. Similar to the radio waves that are heard but remain unseen, vibration frequency emanates from a cumulation of thoughts, emotions and consciousness and is broadcasted to the universe. Below is a list of how to raise your vibration.

  1. Thought Consciousness

The words we speak to others and self may affect our vibration. Our words guide the mind and body towards the experience we want to have. Example, not saying anything negative for 24 hours will increase our vibrations during the period.

  • Meditation

Practice of meditation strengthens the frontal lobe which is linked to cognitive reasoning, creativity and positivity. Also triggers brain to release neuro-transmitters such as dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin linked to different aspects of pleasure. Sitting still for five minutes a day is good start. Overtime, it’ll help to raise the level of vibration.

  • Gratitude

Its one of the highest vibrations along with love. Start your day with gratitude for the new day and be at peace. Gratitude shifts focus from what you don’t have to what you have creating awareness.

  • Energetic Nourishment

We are what we eat. Some foods vibrate higher than others. Every time we consume foods, we are absorbing their energy. The quality of that energy has a direct impact on our health and vibration. Energy is the core substance of everything in life. When our energy is not vibrating correctly, you are more vulnerable to diseases, negative thinking and depression. Plants consist of vital energy from the sun which our bodies naturally understand. The more high-energy foods, the better our bodies will respond.

  • Audio Frequency

Music is a type of frequency. Music that feels good can raise frequency. The human body is a symphony of sound. Every organ, muscle, bone and cell are in a state of vibration. Everything vibrates at a certain rate known as frequency. Listening to specific sounds with specific frequencies can impact our bodies directly.

  • Crystal healing

Some crystals have high frequencies and can be used to heal due to their strong energy fields. Certain stones and crystals can be carried around or be used during meditation.

  • Nature

Ecotherapy does wonders. Reconnecting with nature and refilling our batteries. Meditating outdoors, gardening or walking barefoot. Our bodies need natural light and air. Nature provides harmonic frequencies that are compatible with our personal frequencies. The natural sounds of birds singing or winds moving through trees helps reduce stress. Try to spend time near waters and trees to relax your body and raise your frequency.

  • Declutter.

A disorganized, untidy space is a symptom and source if stress. Our physical environment reflects our emotional state. Too much clutter is an outward sign of the stacked flow of the creative energy of your life. This one of the easiest and fastest way to open up the flow of better in your life. Clean your spaces and get rid of things you don’t need. Do the same to your time clearing your schedule off things you don’t need. This gives you so we to breathe, grow and allow for space to accommodate better.

  • Be active

The more you move the better your vibration. Get active, dance. The happier you feel the more you’ll draw happy experience because you are operating on a different frequency. Mood and metabolic benefits can raise your vibration. Walking, swimming, jog or yoga. The key is moving frequently and consistently.

  1. Water

A 20-minute sea salt bath can cleanse your chakras and soothe aching muscles. Cleansing helps wash unseen energies patterns from the bodies sure especially those picked from others through the day. Making room for positive energy. Water is more powerful than meets the eye. Our thoughts and feelings impact the nature of water. Being positive improves the quality of water.

  1. Kindness

Being kind raises one’s vibration. Good vibrations sent out come back with more kindness and good picked as it moves through space and time. Give others what you desire the most and you’ll increase that which will come to you.Everything visible and invisible has a vibration pattern. Each frequency has the ability to create something unique.

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