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Photo by  Lina Trochez  on Unsplash

This word is commonly heard but widely misunderstood. Most of us understand just the surface meaning and we struggle practicing it. This is because it carries the notion that if one keeps forgiving; they are a pushover; they might be considered weak and gullible. Then from an individual perspective, you wonder; what happens to justice? What if the situation reoccurs because of letting it go easy?

All these concerns are good but when one understands that forgiveness is good since it eases tension, rebuilds friendships among many other positives and the most important benefit is to self it will change one’s perception of it. It took me a while to understand this truth, how forgiving benefits me the most other than loosening the situation that was and the right way to forgive, how to do it was the harder part.

Forgiving has been proofed to release tension in the human body. People with chronic body pains to illnesses like back pains and acidity are said to heal as they forgive because when one releases the negative energy carried towards someone or something, they release tension in the body where it had manifested in the physical. To be angry at someone or something, you have to carry the feelings of anger and resentment in you first before you can project it outwards hence hurting yourself more. This can be compared to throwing a hot coal at someone you are angry at with your bare hand, you’ll burn yourself first before you hit the other if at all you do.For one to forgive and release the negative energy fully with all earnestness, one has to do it with feeling and emotion. That is why the best way practiced from the ages is through praying for the person or situation that wronged you and caused you hurt, then bless the situation or person repeatedly. Do this over and over and you will feel the tension leaving, like a heavy load lifted off and tremendous peace and relaxation taking its place. To take it further, one can visualize the tense situation that was disappearing, love and joy taking its place. It is a simple process all it needs is the readiness of mind and a willingness to change, desire to be free by letting go. Forgiving is about increasing the quality of your life.

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