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Dormant DNA

Photo by Hal Gatewood on Unsplash

DNA activation is a great way to accelerate the path of enlightenment and expanded consciousness. It also helps with physical health, increasing intuition, raises positive emotional states and enables full manifestation potential. Our DNA is our blueprint of life and its in every cell of our bodies more precisely in our chromosomes. Each chromosome 2 strand double-helix DNA, there are additional etheric strands that have been dormant since the beginning and each has qualities that can permit individuals to experience hyped performance successfully. Scientists acknowledge that we use only 10% or less of our current 2 strand DNA. Negative emotions such as fear and anger can contract the DNA molecule causing it to compress and positive emotions such as joy and gratitude can unwind DNA or decompress. 

“Imagine having 2 strand DNA with only one strand active, it is like a stand-alone computer with access to only 16 Megabytes of RAM. This means you can only run a few programs and none concurrently since you are not even connected to the internet. When you activate DNA, you gain access to the mind of everything, you can potentially access everything you want. Just by using intent and intuition” Adel Brand. The double helix that appears as 2 strands is said to have additional double helix strands and other levels and structure and function that govern the entire genetic blueprint. It is becoming evident that we can re-order and re-activate portions of the dormant DNA to insight radical positive changes. Once activated, the individuals become multidimensional beings with psychic, telepathic and manifestation capabilities beyond most people’s experience. They also rejuvenate their bodies physically and experience more energy and joy. We can create an alternate outcome by activating our DNAs. 

Solfeggio frequencies are believed to be able to activate the dormant parts of DNA by enhancing the spiritual experience of those hearing the tones by opening the cells. People experience; greater awareness, tingling sensations, depth in emotions, heightened awareness, improved health and high energy, clear focus, greater peace and understanding and other times spontaneous healing. Often, dormant brain functions become active tapping a person into higher senses. Seeing themselves as just a thought form, able to bring old emotional issues to be dissolved forever not causing disease or poison to the body. Some get more confident and experience faster manifestations of their desires. They vibrate at higher vibration and attract things, events, places, and people of a high vibration due to allowing more light into their fieldDNA activation is an internal process and the changes will be noticed through the remainder of one’s lifetime. 528 Hz is associated with DNA repair, clarity of mind, transformation and miracles, increased energy, awakening and awareness. It’s used to reprogram the DNA with new information. It activates creativity, states of deep inner peace, imagination, intention, and intuition to operate for your highest and best purpose. It activates the 12 electromagnetic strands of the DNA, additional dormant strands and additional energy layers that surround the DNA. It will be very beneficial for you as an individual if you start listening to 528 Hz solfeggio frequencies while observing the many other processes that allow love and light into your experiences such as yoga, meditation, and visualizations. 

4 thoughts on “Dormant DNA

  1. I found this post extremely interesting and I agree, though I learned of this through working with my soul and realise that a persons potential is within their blood and DNA. This does not mean you automatically become adept as this takes time and practice.

    1. Thank you. I only recently learned about our DNA potential, and blood and was fascinated by the topic. I’m very keen on learning more about the same, and yes, it takes more than time. I’m happy for your discovery and journey and would like to learn from your discoveries.

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