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Boxing Day

Photo by on Unsplash

Originally a United Kingdom and a few other countries holiday. It falls a day after Christmas. Marked by shopping feasts and sports especially football. It’s said to have begun in the 19th century. It was a holiday when the tradespeople, the poor and servants received gifts. Employers gave a day off to their employees and some bonuses and boxes for gifts. The origin of the name is uncertain but It has nothing to do with the boxing sport, probably boxes of gifts or alms boxes churches used to collect donations for the less fortunate. The holiday has since evolved to What It is today.

The economy has changed lately taking a dip with many complaining of how expensive it has been to get by. Just yesterday morning I heard on the radio that statistics of people who’ll be unable to travel home as is tradition for most in this Christmas season will be higher compared to last year due to financial constraints.

Having this in mind, what is the best gift to buy? Research shows that buying the best item in a cheaper category is the better choice rather than a substandard in a higher category. Ideally, exchanging gifts is not like exchanging money. It’s the gesture the matters most. It’s difficult to put value on thoughtfulness. May you enjoy your boxing day, gift as many; friends, family, colleagues and the need. Happy boxing day.

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