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Photo by Євгенія Височина on Unsplash

The year has gone by so fast as all the years have lately. Just curious, Is it an age thing? When we were young, years went by so slow especially in boarding school but considering at a young age there are no responsibilities, many deadlines, risks or debts. Apart from studies, I think the only other worry was how to best spend your lazy time. I could blame it on the lack of ambition then but it was good on growth and childhood memories. There’s that philosophical analogy that time is not moving fast but rather we are moving faster in time — Yes I know.

Anyway, Christmas is here. A time for merry, spending quality time with family, giving, travel to nice destinations such as parks and beaches, for some Christians connecting deeper with Christ, doing ‘keshas’ but most importantly feasting. Somehow, I don’t get the whole part of overspending and overeating in the season but I, however, love it. I figure you don’t have to get the logic of that, why only on this holiday. Might it be because it’s at the end of the year?

Other stories usually come up during this season, probably designed to create some discredit or maybe they have some truth. These are stories of Nimrod an ancient Babylonian king connected to the tower of Babel and well known for creating a new religion of the Sun. It’s said he had his birthday at the same time. There are other stories about the symbolism of the Christmas tree, Santa’s true meaning and the inverse of the word. We are born into a world full of customs and beliefs, most are good and Christmas season is a great season.

Most of us look forward to this season, I do. It’s a time when families and friends get together, pray, feast making great memories in anticipation of the new year with new possibilities while reflecting on the current year lessons and many experiences. May you have a happy Christmas today. Be grateful, give, receive and have hearty laughs. Happy holidays, Merry Christmas.)

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