Personal Development

Learn to Look for the Lesson

Photo by  Joe Pregadio on Unsplash

The beauty of human existence is more than staying alive, it is finding something to live for. You get something to live for by having intentions and pursuing them. By having role models who had the same intentions, learn from them. It’s not going to be all rosy, falling is an accident getting up is a choice. Always pick yourself up. Failure is part of the growth process. All successful people have failed their way to success.

When you fail, always ask yourself, what’s this trying to teach me? Take the lessons and learn from them. Don’t have a negative attitude towards failure. Failure is a growth process, the earlier you fail, the better. Now is the best time to fail. Fail early, fail often, fail forward. You can achieve anything in your life as long as you set goals, strive for them and believe in yourself. Stay strong and keep going. It’s all worth it.

What do you want from life? Visualize it deeply and ask yourself what you need to do to get it. Then let your intention guide you. Self-educate yourself and practice for success. Get involved in the growing process. Take inspired action. Always remember; cowards never start, the weak never finish and winners never quit. You are a winner.”20 years from now you’ll be more disappointed in the things you didn’t do than the things you did” Mark Twain

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