Mind, Body & Spirit

Is it a state of mind?

Heaven is our end goal as humans, at least most of us. Where we’d want to go after-life on earth. Understanding of life is coined by our beliefs. The beliefs are a cumulation of society mostly from the religious point of reference and our cultures.

What would be your reaction if someone told you that heaven is here and now? Heaven is in our body we just have to wake it up through waking up our body. It’s said once awake, everywhere you go all will be good and perfect. Heaven is a state of mind through understanding the laws of mind, workings of the imagination and connecting to the unified field believing ultimately in God, the one mind. Hell, in this case, will be your doubts and fears.

You tune in to that state by consistently journeying within the self, understanding who you are and your purpose, learning to focus, understanding energy and finding the true divine love and light.

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