Personal Development

What Pain do you Enjoy?

If you find yourself wanting something for months on and year after year, then maybe you are wanting a fantasy, a false image or maybe you don’t want it at all. Maybe you are going through challenges and giving up at some point, always remember that life can’t be all roses. We have to go through some challenges to learn from them and let them define us by how we respond to them. You should ask yourself what pain you’d like to sustain. Which one will be worth it? It’s a question that can change your life. It defines us and separates us but also brings us together. Who you are is defined by the values you are willing to struggle for. So, always ask yourself what pain do you enjoy because of the end result that you have visualized to achieve, the gains you’ll attain after the pain of the process. People who enjoy the struggles of the gym are the ones with beautiful bodies and good shape often, People who persist in learning a great profitable trade are the ones who succeed at it and so on. Our struggles determine our success. Don’t be afraid of anything, always face your struggles head-on and they will disappear. Choose your struggles wisely, accept peace and prosperity, and live the life that you desire.

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