Tune in to Wealth

90% of our thoughts are the same as the day before and around 80% for most people, are negative thoughts. The same thoughts lead to the same choices, behavior, and emotions, again controlling how we think. How we think, act and feel is our personality and our personality create our reality. If we want to change it, we need to start thinking about what we think about and speak by being present. Evaluating whether the emotions in our reality are relevant is also important. After several years of doing the same things, creating attitudes deepening our beliefs in certain things, hardwired perceptions, redundant emotions become a part of us and difficult to change.

People condition their bodies to the past. When the time comes to change, you have to leave the past to the past. It’s going to be difficult and uncomfortable. The body at this point will start influencing your mind and this is where people talk themselves out of progress thinking it feels right but it’s because it feels familiar such as quitting a workout, a relationship or other growth. By doing the same new thing repeatedly ignoring the cues to stop, also visualizing yourself at the end help overwrite the initial programs and create new that work well for you. The brain which is a record of your past now becomes a map to the future. Teach your body emotionally how the future feels like will accelerate the demonstration of your desires instead of waiting for wealth to feel wealthy or joy to feel happy.

If you want to be wealthy, you can’t feel lack at any point. Change means to be greater than the conditions in your life, environment, and body. Create that change, have new positive thoughts and emotions. Do not be a victim of your past programs. The formula is visualizing your desired state and feeling as if you are in that state now. Teach yourself to be present from moment to moment to create your desired future. “Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.” Wayne Dyer.

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