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Stress Inhibits Growth

Fear is destructive. The chemicals released by the brain, in fear shut down the growth of the body and the immune system. Hypothetically if you are walking in the Kenyan plains and you are attacked by a lion, your body has energy to replace and reproduce new cells but in such a situation of fight or flight, all the energy will be directed to escaping the lion through a boost of adrenaline and after escaping the lion, your body goes back to its norm. This was how the stress hormones used to work in the past hundreds of years ago. Stress hormones were used at short intervals only. In today’s world, people are in constant stress hence continually inhibiting the growth and replacement of cells, shutting down the immune system and affecting the body’s natural state.

Stress hormones conserve energy from the immune system by inhibiting the immune system function. Stress hormones are very powerful in shutting down the immune system. Most of the illnesses are caused by stress. This is because you’ve interfered with the body by turning down the immune system and replacing cells in the body. Did you know that during an organ transplant, for example, a kidney, because of the foreign tissues, the cells of the body will reject them this is why doctors give the patients stress hormones before the operation. This helps inhibit the immune system and the new foreign tissues won’t be attacked. That’s how powerful stress hormones are.

Fear is a perception that ends up leading to stress either correct or incorrect. The cells are getting information from the nervous system. They end up preparing for the stress by producing the necessary chemicals via the blood to adjust the body. The cells can’t see the external environment so they get the information from the nervous system which interprets the environment. False perceptions and beliefs are dangerous because they influence our chemistry, immune system and biology.

We are not controlled by our genes; the genes are blueprints controlled by the environment which are influenced by our perceptions of the environment. The perceptions might be right or wrong but the cells take the perceptions as given.

When we are on fight or flight, we use reflex behavior. The stress hormones squeeze the blood vessels in the gut causing the blood to go to the periphery/back. The stress hormones also squeeze the blood in the front of the brain to go to the back of the brain for reflex behavior. The environment that you subject yourself might affect you either positively or negatively. If you keep watching stressful news on tv, subdue to society’s status quo and focus on past mistakes you are constantly harming yourself through the stress you are directing to your body. The consequence of stress is sickness.

Focus on being positive and in a vibration of gratitude. Love is the greatest growth signal. Cultivate the feeling of love, give yourself more love and spread it to others. This will greatly improve the quality of your life. Growth leads to wellness. Wellness is not only the absence of stress but requires the joy and love for wellness to manifest.

One thought on “Stress Inhibits Growth

  1. This is so true, especially for Kenyans. We are constantly receiving stimuli that tell our bodies, “Things are not okay”. Positive living as an extension of positive thinking should be the new normal.

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