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The Human Emotion

Photo by Lidya Nada on Unsplash

Emotion is a powerful unseen language that speaks to the universe. Feelings do not happen in the mind but the heart. Feelings have a direct effect on our physical world. What we choose to experience in our lives, we must first feel in our hearts as if it’s already happened. We do this all the time subconsciously without paying attention but once we become aware of it, our creation becomes more intentional and you can truly transform.

Knowing who we are helps solve the mystery that we are either passive observers or conscious creators who’ve forgotten how to use our talents. It’s said in ancient times, they knew this secret language of feelings/Emotions and they were very spiritual knowing fully that feeling is the prayer and one must feel as if the prayers are answered. In the gospel of Thomas which is believed to be the actual words of Jesus; verse 106 ‘when you make the two (thought and emotion) one, you’ll say to the mountain move away and the mountain will move away’. Verse 48 says ‘if the two now peace with each other in this house’ house(your body), which is your temple. There’s an insisting of the thought and emotion being made one. The next step is asking but most of us ask incorrectly. We should ask with feelings from our hearts as if our prayers are already answered. This creates electrical and magnetic waves that will bring the answer to you like a special delivery.

Physical reality must respond to the feeling that it understands. Feeling as if the prayer is already answered and living from that state is the key. “You must make your future dream a present fact now by assuming the feeling of your wish fulfilled to come. From the place that it’s already happened” Neville Goddard

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