Personal Development


Photo by Tim Meyer on Unsplash

The definition of perfectionist a person who refuses to accept any standard short of perfection. Perfectionism is not about striving for excellence but rather a way of thinking and feeling. There is a misconception of perfectionism, many a times people end up hurting themselves striving for perfectionism. This is because they struggle so much to maintain a certain image or standard and living in fear that people will see them for who they are and they will not measure up. Perfectionism can be fear or rather is. You can substitute the search of perfectionism with striving for success or excellence because this can be quantified on growth and qualified with results such as abundance, peace, love, and other good qualities. Perfectionism protects one from being seen, it is struggling for a world that does not exist.

Being authentic is first a choice to be, then a practice developed and maintained over time. Being around in-authentic people often influence one to lose their authenticity so that they fit in. This happens to everyone so often but we can choose to lose the bad, fake company that forces us to be who we are not and to preserve ourselves, grow.

Then there is perfection, defined as a quality or state of being perfect. It is good to know and understand the difference between the two. Instead of getting oneself trapped in the lie of perfectionism, we can strive for a perfect state as human beings. This is possible by first knowing who we are, our purpose and living in harmony with all of life. By one embodying Wu Wei; which is being one with the flow of life, swimming with the current rather than against the tide, saluting the Divinity in all, following the natural laws that govern life, being joyful and grateful by receiving and giving love and light. When one tune themselves to this state, they will be perfect and everywhere they go will be perfect. They will be at the right place, at the time meeting the right people since they will be aligned. Luck will be a reality for them in this case luck being preparation meeting opportunity. Live a magical life by finding your perfect. 

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