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Be the Director

Photo by Avel Chuklanov on Unsplash

We are all actors in our movies, movies, in this case, being our lives. To have the best movie that fits exactly how you want it, you can take charge of the movie and be the director, not the actor only.
To have a great life, you have to know exactly what you want, you tune into its vibration by aligning to the details of the thing desired. For example; if you want to be healthier; examine what you are currently doing that’s not healthy and once you identify them, purpose to drop them then look for things that you’d want to do to be healthy such as eating balanced diets in the right portions, adding a workout routine to your daily schedule, improving your sleep pattern and hydrating better. These are goals towards achieving your desire which will be attained by taking action on the goals, having timelines to them will help push for faster success and maintaining the vibration through consistency will sure bring your desire.
Often we desire a thing, admire others who have what we desire then let go of the desire without taking any action towards it, this is being a spectator but you can choose to be an actor and better still a director. Desiring is good, it’s a life force, although they greatly vary from person to another depending on our personalities and principles.action is important to achieving your desire, see yourself in the end as if you already have the desire then ask yourself what little action Step do you need to take that will lead you to the end goal then start there. Having long term goals is good but the small micro-goals are what matter because they lead to the big goal. They are easy to achieve because they do not scare you hence little or no procrastination and you align to them faster.
Picture your desires to be radio frequencies. To get a clear channel, you have to search for the desired channel and tune to its frequency. Everything that is has a vibration and we can tune to their vibration if we want to. This is the easiest way to manifesting by aligning and using the few steps illustrated above.

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