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Valentine’s Day

Love is one of the most intense emotions that we experience as humans. It is a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes that range from interpersonal affection to pleasure. Love can be defined as an intense feeling of affection with no limits or conditions for a person. If someone asks you if you love your better half, most likely your answer will be yes, but if you are asked to prove if you love her, would you? When you met your significant other, you didn’t love them but now you do. Can you tell the day that love happened?

Love is like any other area in life, it grows with consistency, patience, and a desire. For example, if you want a healthy fit body, going to the gym for 10 hours does not give you a fit healthy body but working out for 30 minutes five times a week for several years while eating healthy will sure give you the desired fit healthy body. It’s the little monotonous things that build-up to the big thing. Just like brushing your teeth every morning will give you healthy teeth not visiting a dentist every quarter.

Your significant other fell in love with you because of the cumulation of the many little things and consistency over time. They fell in love with you because you say good morning to them every day before you look at your phone, they fell in love with you because when you go to get a drink from the fridge you bring them one to and when they talk, you listen, you judge less, care more and trust deeper. This is why your love is there.

You were walking down the stairs and bump into a beautiful young girl. You say hi and she smiles back. You are young and clueless about much in life. You live a day at a time, with little drive but big dreams. You two meet at a social event, become familiar and find similar interests. Your friends and her friends become friends and by now you have a nickname for her. You call her fluff. The liking grew into caring, then kindness, joy and beautiful moments and gradually to love. You grow and discover life together now that you are aligned and life responds back positively. Things are looking up and you start actualizing most of the dreams you shared. Several years later, you discover that life is a bed of roses but they also come with thorns. There are several challenges you face, many hurdles to jump. This shakes you, some struggles but since the foundation you had was true and strong although you developed much of it without your conscious knowing about it, it still stands. It holds you and pushes you past the challenges and struggles, you get up now stronger and wiser than before. You are clear about where you are and where you are headed. You feel deeper now, have faith and love harder. You understand what love is, you’ve experienced it, lived it. You acknowledge the little everyday actions of mindfulness, thoughtfulness and caring. You know it’s the little things that matter the most, they form the bigger picture.

Love is a very beautiful, powerful emotion. It helps us glow and grow. It brings life and purpose in our lives. It’s leads to healthy lives and relationships. It’s something everyone deserves to have in their lives. Love of family, in marriages, and among friends. But to receive love, we should also be willing to give love. We can only get as much love as we give and are willing to receive. Just be careful not to confuse love with; lust, insecurity or a feeling to belong not to hurt yourself but when you stumble upon real love you’ll know. You’ll feel it in your gut, you will know in your heart that it is true love.

Valentine’s is a beautiful love tradition on the 14th of February. Its origin traced as far back to the Roman empire. It’s a day that is valued and many look forward to it. A chance to tell their loved ones that they love them, maybe share a gift, have dinner, do something special. This day brings people together and closer. This Valentine’s, may you have a day filled with love, enjoy every moment, give and receive love in abundance. But also remember that true love is in the little things done consistently over time. So, do not just share the love with your loved ones on this day only the whole of 2020, be kind in your actions every day, be present in your moments and be happy in your love. Happy Valentine’s.

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