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Is Man the Mind?

You sprang from a cell, a cell invisible to the naked eye. This cell had the power within to think and to build and to do it in harmony with law and order. It used mathematics to determine the number of things necessary to make up your body. It used chemistry to determine the chemical properties necessary to nourish your body. It used physics to determine the energy necessary for your body. In a logical sequence, this cell drew on the forces of life, and through the division and the multiplication of other cells, built into orderly arrangement a human body. At birth, five sense avenues were available to sponsor thinking. Eyes to see, ears to hear, nose to smell, tongue to taste, and touch to feel. To use these sense avenues, it was necessary to think. The accumulation of these sensations developed impressions.

These impressions turned into knowledge. The perception was formed. You were aware of things. You could distinguish objects and recognize the sound. You could know and developed the capacity to gain knowledge. One day along the line memory dawned. You discovered the ability to recall events, remember names and faces, and to retain information and knowledge. You could observe, concentrate, remember, and reason. You were a rational creature, able to censor and discipline your acts. You were aware of yourself and conscious of your own identity. Who am I? Where did I come from? Why am I here?

You were able to comprehend the invisible idea back of the visible thing. You could see the man in the vase, the artist in the picture, and the thought in the product. You were acquiring the ability to form ideas, to establish the relationship between cause and effect, and to have a conception of your ability. You were beginning to understand. You were conscious of your power to think. Today that cell has developed into a human personality, and with the power to think is reviewing its inception, its development, its ability, and its advancement. This plan of development is the one that normal human beings follow. It proves that man is a thinking creature. It is a normal and natural attribute to think. From the moment of conception, a man is a thinking creature. In his early development, he followed certain definite laws of thinking naturally. The ability to be conscious of these laws should be an added incentive and an added inspiration to believe in them, to demonstrate and apply them in all activity. By adhering to the principle that he is a thinking creature, man can come to complete fruition of his power to think and to build. “There is nothing great in the world except man, and there is nothing great in man except Mind.” Plato.

By Earl Prevette

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