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What is Life?

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Ben White
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I feel life is directly related to time. From the people I have talked to on the subject, they tend to point out a feeling of wasted time. Once we achieve epiphany sadly for most of us it’s usually through trauma for example loss of a loved one, we realize how short life is, and that there is more to life, we attain Satori (Awakening) through Kensho (insight- an understanding of our nature.) 

The reality of life Is now. The past is a memory, a thought arising in the present same to the future. What we truly have is the present moment. We spend a lot of time forgetting this truth and the sad reality is we succeed in forgetting this truth. We do not connect truly to the present moment by being busy chasing for future happiness missing the present fulfillment and oftentimes, the planned future never arrives. We should learn to drop our problems that we are always trying to solve in the present and be in the moment. Most of us focus on solving yesterday’s problems, rather than capitalizing on today’s opportunities to effectively confront the issues of tomorrow. We have a whole world in our minds through the connections of neurons but end up missing it. 

Consciousness is everything, it helps us perceive our lives. Learning how to be fulfilled in life, create lives that are truly worth living given that these lives come to an end. The frame we put in the present moment determine our futures, paying attention to the present moment make us conscious creators. We perceive through sensations arising from our consciousness. We are in a dream constrained by inputs from our external world. The difference from the dreams we get in sleep is that those are not constrained by external factors. Mind is all we have for ourselves and to offer to others. Failing to be present leads to loss of life in a literal way. The purpose of life is to experience and grow.

Power in life is in understanding life. You decide your truth by connecting to your intuition and knowing what is best for you. Learn and grow, do your best in everything. Knowing how to control your thoughts is life greatest gift. Build your beliefs and know everything you put your mind to is possible to achieve. Life is a miracle, to believe in miracles, learn how you came to this world. This will help you understand you are here for a purpose. Keep your eyes open in the present moments and you will see the miracles around you. Learn to balance life’s moments. There will be lows and highs and learning to rise above situations helps us master life. Mistakes and failures are stepping stones to achieving future success. Regret is the hardest of emotions, never hold back doing what you love, Live your dream. 

‘The biggest mistake we make in life is that we think we have time’, Buddha. Time is free but is priceless, we cannot own it but we can use it, we cannot keep it but we can spend it and once it is lost we can never get it back. Time is limited, don’t waste it. 

We think that it is people wasting our time but it is us permitting them. Some of us lose the people most important to us because we don’t value their time, we don’t recognize how important people are to us until they are gone. We have two voices in us. One uplifts and expands us; the other voice restricts us. There’s always a battle between the two voices and the one we listen to the most wins. It is our choice of how we use our time. Life and time are the best two teachers. Life teaches us how to make good use of time and time teaches us the value of life. As William Shakespeare said, “Time is very slow for those who want, very fast for those who are scared, very long for those who are sad, very short for those who are celebrating but to those who love, time is eternal”.

It is also important to understand the spiritual aspect of life. This gives internal peace and with peace, quality and value of life are improved leading to longevity. Where peace is, there is no pain instead, we get harmony. We are all connected to the source and respecting the Divinity in everything and every one leads to unity. 

Once we learn that dark implies light, self implies others. We stop feeling like a stranger in life. We master the laws of mind essential to understanding life. Everybody is fundamentally the ultimate reality. Look at life as a play in the sense that in music the point Is not the end. The intention is the moment to moment in the act, such should be life. Learn to notice the things we have labeled irrelevant, notice the sound of birds, stars, hearty laugh, the texture of things. Notice life. 

In the end, people will not care what you did, your bank balance or possessions. What will matter most is how you made people feel, your inspiration, if they mattered to you and if you heard their voice. Be kind, take responsibility for your actions to help you grow. The past is gone and the future is out of your control. Be happy in the present moment and life will be kind to you. Choose to love life and life will love you back.  Understanding who you are and what you want in life will help steer you towards a fulfilled, meaningful life. If you don’t know what you want in life, you will end up somewhere you do not want to be. Claim the life you want today and spend every day loving the experiences, growing to your full potential. 

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