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The purpose of exams is to measure the level of understanding and often act as a moderator determining whether or not you advance to the next level be it in school or life. Exams are made by a series of other tests, in school or under academics these might be continuous assessment tests, assignments among other coursework that all contribute to the final exam mark hence essential. Life is just the same, with a series of tests and your response and reaction to them dictate your current reality.

As Charles R. Swindol said “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it” if you ask me, this sounds like a test and the key to passing it is in the knowledge that life isn’t about what happens to you but about how you react to it. Often, we do not realize that we are being tested. We live passively, reacting casually not paying present attention to our reactions. It is said that 95 % of our thoughts are repetitive and of those repetitive thoughts, 80 % of them are negative. This means there’s a high possibility of reacting to life’s many situations within the two constraints and enforced by beliefs hence a very high inclination of living in the past and failing many tests that probably contribute to the final exam.

Recently I had exams for my masters and in as much as the course work is important with very many lessons, I found myself using the studies as a guide but the real-life reference as application to the questions. Thinking about life, I thought of the many challenges that we all go through and it was evident that the true measure of success is how we respond to the situations and the value in our actions. This value is what differentiates the successful from the others. Value is the trick aspect; this is because you can offer as much value as you have and the only way to add value to self is through personal growth. The simplicity of exams boils down to these many complexities and identifying them puts you ahead in any situation. Success in all the exams that come your way.

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