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Photo by kevin on kinge

Halos are symbols of Holiness represented by a circle around the head of a saint. Some people claim to see it on others, I would love to experience this. Today, there is a magnificent halo in the sky. Despite knowing that it’s formed by high thin clouds which are in Crystal form hence refraction of the sun’s rays, one can’t help but feel the sense of holiness by the sight of this halo. I do and I like the feeling.

Halos can be fairly common in some areas but they are rare here, and a sight of them is a hint of rain on the way. The word is derived from Greek meaning ring of light around the sun or moon. Halos also mean glory or majesty. I like this second definition better. In Christianity, halos are symbolic of the light of grace bestowed by God. There is also a halo represented in a triangular symbol to represent the cross or extending beyond probably beyond the trinity represented by the circular halo in the Christian context.

The other reason we may see halos is if one has an eye condition especially cataracts due to diffraction of light entering the eye. This is why when I saw the halo, I had to confirm with the people around me if they can see it too and yes, they did so my eyes are good. As with rainbows, I am in a positive expectancy of good luck today and also feeling Blessed.

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