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Retrain Your Mind to Work for You

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What we see as our reality has more to do with what we know than what is true. Science shows what we know as familiar can affect our perception of the world. Because of what we perceive to be true, we can become stuck believing that our identity is a permanent thing. Our thoughts are addictive because of the emotions they produce. Those emotions create a rush of chemicals and energy within the body and the brain whether positive or negative. Then the combination of repeated thoughts and emotions create beliefs and our perception of reality.

The brain then searches for and finds things in our surroundings and everyday experience to prove and validate whichever thoughts emotions and beliefs we have. This is so we can reaffirm who we believe and think we are. The brain also finds it difficult to deviate from a perception because of the chemical’s reactions created during this process are familiar. If it doesn’t find the normal dosage of chemicals it’s used to getting, it’ll quickly try to find ways to do so by aligning a person with things that relate to their perception of who they are and what life means to them.

When we are not thinking the same thoughts that produce the same chemical that the body and brain are used to, we can be given signals subconsciously that make us feel uncertain, doubtful or hesitant that there actually might be other possibilities. This is the reason many people find change to be difficult. Their identity must remain intact for comfort and familiarity reasons. Feeling uncertain and doubtful feels worse to the brain and body than the feelings that are attached to their identity and perception that keep them in the repeat of their current circumstances. What this means is, the cycle can keep a person stuck in a past that constantly recreates the same things in their present and future. Their body still believes it’s living in those past experiences based on the thoughts emotions and chemical reactions being created within. “Feelings and emotions are the end product of past experiences. If you can’t think greater than how you feel, or feelings have become your means of thinking, are you thinking in the future, or are you thinking in the past?” Dr Joe Dispenza

It’s as simple as knowing that your emotions make you believe who you are but you can’t create your future from the past, only from the present, now. If you don’t know the emotions of freedom, security, love, abundance, happiness, and all the other positive emotions in a familiar way, the brain and body are not seeking validation for them In your everyday experience so the mind has to become in charge of the body to create a new identity and a new reality.

The inner world is more real than the outer world and we can control the inner world with some discipline.

3 ways to do this are:

One; when you are having a strong emotional response to something especially one that doesn’t feel good. Pause and ask yourself if you are reacting to something happening in the outer world. Most likely it’ll be the case. At that moment realize you can create something new internally. Pause long enough to expand your consciousness at that moment. Do this by disciplining yourself to become centered by going within to find a reason to feel emotionally positive. This can be as simple as remembering a time when something great happened to you or visualizing a life you dream of and how that feels or shifting your positive state by thinking of a funny joke. The point is to stop the addictive negative reaction and replace it with something new.

Two, ask yourself questions that prompt you to depart from the established cause.

Examples; what would it look like if;

  • I live the life of my dreams?
  • I felt great no matter what’s happening?
  • What does the best expression of my life look like?
  • How good can my life get?

The brain will immediately go in search of answers to these questions and open itself and you to new possibilities. This also creates a great diversion from the emotional response that’s not moving you to your new reality.

Three; make time to be kind to yourself each day.

Realize that your brain and body are just doing their job and need you to consciously give them new directions. Look at yourself in the mirror each morning, put your hands over your heart and tell yourself ‘today I’m going to teach you how it feels like to be abundant, happy or experience freedom.’ Through the day find ways to produce these feelings instead of running on autopilot. It can be achieved through meditation, visualization, audio-books, books, and affirmations. Once you have this feeling, memorize it in your brain and body and set a physical trigger such as tugging your ear lobe. Anytime you feel yourself reacting in your usual way, use the trigger. This will help you maintain the modified state of mind and body by releasing chemicals that match it. It teaches your brain that this is the preferred way you would like to experience life and the way you would like to feel. New information and feeling states coupled with consistency creates a new signal within the brain and body. This takes a person from a survival state to the state of creation. Your personality equals your reality. By simply learning how to control your emotional reactions, you can create a new reality of your choosing. As previously stated, your emotions make you believe who you are. When we consciously choose elevated emotions with clear intentions, the brain and body will find ways to reaffirm this as your new reality.

The majority of people spend the majority of their time reliving experiences. But our identity and perception of life doesn’t have to be permanent. We can make thought very real and can turn on any emotion we choose by thought alone. When we focus on positive emotions and new possibilities to the exclusion of everything else around us, the body which alters itself chemically based on thinking, will believe it’s in that experience, in that present moment.

4 thoughts on “Retrain Your Mind to Work for You

  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog post, and I will not blow it off and forget. Thank you ❤️
    I think that most politicians use the the #1 strategy when asked a difficult question, they imagine what they would like to be asked, and answer that.

    1. I am very grateful you enjoyed the article and that it has inspired you. The mind is a very special tool we have, and we can make it work for us the way it was intended to. Yes, they do.

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