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Effects of COVID-19 Pandemic on Stress Levels

Photo by Fusion Medical  on Unsplash

When we worry, we get stressed releasing stress hormones that shut or suppress the immune system to prepare the body for fight or flight. During this current pandemic, stress will work against us because it leaves us more susceptible to contracting the virus.

Every day we get more information on the COVID-19 ranging from death tolls, the number of new cases to estimates on way forward on a global scale. This information contributes to lots of pressure especially the fast-rising statistics on fatalities and even more strict measures by governments in efforts to contain the spread of the virus including total shutdowns. Although there have been reports of healed patients from the virus, there are many doubts on several issues possibly due to poor communication and the need for the public to be sensitized more on the COVID-19.

Talking to a few people, you can sense the fear and assumptions of worst-case scenarios. In this part of the world, there is a bigger scare that precedes the coronavirus which is dying of starvation in a case of total shutdown. Many are forced to worry about two disasters majority being dependent on a daily hand to mouth mode of survival. Rumors that are fast spreading mostly based on ignorance and lack of correct information are not making the situation any better but causing more tension and build-up of stress levels.

The coronavirus is different because it’s new, we do not have any previous exposure hence everyone is susceptible to it. It is severe and more aggressive. One’s immune system may play an important role depending on its strength with weaker immune systems being at higher risks that’s why it was earlier assumed that the elderly and those with other infections are the ones in most danger from the virus which is true but it’s good to keep in mind that anyone can contract it. The virus is a code of information, a DNA protected by a film. Viruses are not alive that’s why they are hard to get rid of because they cannot be killed, in this case, a simple activity like proper hand wash with soap destroys the top film protecting the virus destroying the information code or structure of the virus.

Sitting down in front of a television all day for many days not having any form of exercise, practicing unhealthy eating habits while being feed depressing news creates anxiety which does more damage to the human immune system. Monitoring our stress levels by eating right, doing some form of exercise and communication or keeping in touch spreading love and joy, being present remembering what we focus on, expands and filtering the information consumed; not to take in the many irrelevant rumors but checking information for validity will help ease the stress. Remember to observe the guidelines provided such as social distancing, keeping clean, staying at home and sanitizing. Use this knowledge to be safe, keeping in mind that; knowledge is power but applied knowledge is freedom.

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