Vesica Pisces – Poem

I look
They look back at me
Behind the gaze, I can sense it

Some frightened, gaze shifts
I see worry and confusion
Others it’s fear and chaos

In the pure of hearts
Its amusement, joy and wonder
Just like an innocent child

The beauty in symmetry
Only twice does it reveal itself in everyone
Vesica Pisces they call it

A piece symbol of the whole
Hides within the seed, fruit, and flower of life
In the present and aware, you see love and light

Only if you pay attention will you see
The unfoldment, Of the Divinity
Because through your eyes, he sees as you

Like a looking glass
The world within is reflected without
One of the greatest gifts, they call it sight.

©2020 Kevin Kinge All Rights Reserved
Photo by Quentin on Unsplash

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