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Photo by James Coleman on Unsplash

It’s interesting how we neglect the simple things in life that when observed can lead to tremendous growth and efficiency in life. It can be due to ignorance or just neglect showing some lack of discipline on our part. Discipline and consistency when reaching for our goals is the secret to success.

It’s been more than a year since I began visiting and working on farms. It was challenging in the beginning but I slowly grew into it. Until now I still don’t believe I’ve been on farms for that long without gumboots. In the dry seasons, they are not a necessity but you are still limited to some degree without them but during the rainy seasons they are a must-have. This year we’ve had two long rains. You can imagine the conditions on the farm and we are downhill adjacent to some hill range. Picture me trying to get about my farm day in rubber shoes; it was a nightmare and expensive due to the rate I was spoiling even the new pair of shoes. The solution all along was a simple pair of gumboots which the best quality gumboots price is half the price of the rubber shoes. Thinking back how many pairs I’ve wasted and the longevity of a pair of gumboots left me with some shame. With the gumboots, I’m more mobile, less limited, and more productive.

Just like the gumboots, what other areas in our lives are we neglecting brushing as not important not knowing the significance of it in savings, convenience, or other? If I had paid a little more attention and question myself genuinely, I’d have solved my dilemma earlier. With this lesson, I’m now more present and mindful of the little details that seem to carry no weight so should you, right?

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