The Mighty Eagle – Poetry

You spread your magnificent wings with poise,
The winds carry you in circles as you hunt for prey
Aligned with nature, tuned to the primordial circle
With the keenest of sights, you spot them from miles

With the lightning speed, you fall from the skies,
You grab and clasp with your crooked claws
Soaring high close to the sun
Your distant friend in lonely lands

A dominating ambiance you bring to nature
Ruler of the skies to all the birds,
As they tweet and dance to the rhythms of nature
They salute the mighty eagle and recognize your command

The terror of your talons, the shriek in your cries
The strength of your beak, and the size of your wings,
All give praise to your kingly form
Oo mighty eagle, what grace you have.

©2020 Kevin Kinge All Rights Reserved
Photo by Jason Mowry on Unsplash.

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