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Leaking Roof

Photo by Barb McMahon  on Unsplash

In a way, a leaky roof is worse than having no roof at all. This is because if there is no roof, we’re not caught by surprise when we see the raindrops neither do we get disappointed since its expected. However, a house with a roof has some expectations to it so leaks mean failure to measure. I experienced a leaky roof sometime this year and the level of disappointment was so high on the scale. It got me thinking about life and how in many ways we have situations that disappoint by failing to match expectations.

In work environments, taking a project and failing to deliver can be compared to disappointments of a leaky roof, the same to manufacturers producing products that do not come close to the promised benefits. Committing to deliver and breaking the promise may be worse than having no roof. We then worsen the situation by giving excuses that do not solve the problem or lighten the situation.

“The shelter of excuses has a leaky roof.”   Ron K

The best way is to keep vigilant, preparing for the worst, and working towards the best. To be in continual learning and improvement. Listening as much and taking intentional actions. This way, if the roof has leaks, we’ll be able to fix them at the right time.

“The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.”  John F. Kennedy

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