Branches – A Poem on Oneness

Work of art, each paving way to the other
A true display of love, and oneness
No branch so ignorant as to fight with the other branches

The fractal branching, guided by an unseen intelligence
Creating beautiful poetry of interwoven branches each tree unique,
Reaching out to the heavens, aching for the sun’s attention

Just like the branches on trees, we all branch different
Creating a mix of beauty, All different but similar
lost in a sea of resemblance but at the root, we have one source

Black or white, brown or yellow
We see the colors as different branches, blinded
Forgetting we share the same root, and trunk

We are one people, let us see the good in everyone
Pave way and allow for the other to blossom, unity
We are stronger united, world peace

©2020 Kevin Kinge 
Photo by Wylly Suhendra  on Unsplash

18 thoughts on “Branches – A Poem on Oneness

  1. “Creating a mix of beauty, All different but similar
lost in a sea of resemblance but at the root, we have one source” yes! One source. Beautiful!

  2. Beautifully written my friend I hope and continue to pray that someday we will all be as one like branches in a giant old oak. Very nice, have a blessed day. Love Joni

      1. I know wouldn’t that just be so incredibly wonderful. A world full of acceptance and love, no borders, no division instead just harmony between people. It would be really good for everyone to respect, love and embrace our beautiful environment as well. You have an amazing weekend my friend. Love and hugs Joni

      2. Yes it would, a perfect one actually. I like your mention on environment. Very true, there’s as much separation with nature as with other people. Have an amazing weekend to😊

  3. Beautifully written reminder that our oneness transcends our divisions. Humanity has a dark proclivity for tribalism and factionalism. The holistic oneness of the various forces and phenomena in nature help to remind us that reality is more united than divided. It is as if nature is set up to remind us that we can be better than we are.

    1. Yes it does. It’s the beliefs and cultures that we are born into, and are not strong on unity, hence over time separate us creating the divisions. But the oneness is usually not far from reach, starts with a single individual then the next, only if we slow down and look, reach for the inner peace among other good values. Thank you.

      1. It is my pleasure Kinge! You have so much wisdom, and it’s such a breath of fresh air, especially during these challenging times of confusion and division. We need to be reminded we are truly all branches of the same tree, we all have only One Source! Peace profound! ❤

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