Mother Earth

We are one with earth and not separate from it. It took me a while to get around this statement, understand it, and live it. I can imagine you are now struggling with it. No?

Over the years, we have been furthering the disconnect. Between us- the people and the environment around us. Working very hard to forget about our oneness. Blinded by worldly distractions. We often think we live separate from the earth. Many then go a further step to misuse resources and pollute earth without a care that we need it to exist.

“We have forgotten how to be good guests, how to walk lightly on the earth as its other creatures do.” Barbara Ward

There have been countless campaigns about saving and conserving the environment. And there will be many more warnings of imminent dangers caused by our actions. Potential ice melt in the poles, thinning of the ozone layer, or increase in carbon footprint. There is a reason the campaigns do not work as well as expected. Why we –most people’ do not stop with the actions that contribute to these dangers. The reason is they say that these effects will be severe some years in the future. Since flash floods, and daily wildfires are not an immediate problem right now. We shrug off the warnings. We do not heed to the advice given, caring less about the future generations. It is a sad reality. Shows how much further we have distanced ourselves from the environment and ourselves. In a way, this is getting lost.

If you think about how much of a connection exists between every individual and the earth. You will get surprised. If you are in a house right now, do you know that everything around you is an extension of the earth? From the walls of the house to the furniture, clothes, electronics, and utensils. Same case if you are outside. The cars, planes, satellites, and buildings are all extensions of the earth. Raw materials used to build, manufacture, and create things are extracts of the earth. So, everything around you is earth. All your comforts in commodities around your home. From your bed to clothing. Conveniences outside such as bridges and railroads, all made of earth extracts.

They say that we should conserve the environment to save the planet earth. True but, we should preserve the environment to save the future species living on it. Earth is straining from the pressure we are exerting. From the over-exploitation of resources to many forms of pollution. However, it is not earth that is in danger, but the species on it. Earth will always find a way to reset and survive even longer.

A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people.” Franklin D. Roosevelt

Another example of our connection to earth is our bodies. When we are born, we are usually small in size, a few pounds. But as we age, we grow big. To grow, we need food. The food we eat is grown on earth using the soil and water for nourishment, sun for energy. One would argue by eating food that we are consuming earth in plant form. There is more to this, but I hope it somehow paints the picture. Your body is a piece of planet earth.

While on this earth, we are bound by specific laws that cannot be ignored, such as gravity and cause and effect. They help in the coexistence between life and sources that enhance it. Living in acceptance of the laws allows for less resistance and more harmony. It would be a magical planet if we all lived in oneness, peace, and love. Preserve our environment and life on earth.

One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man and nature must not be broken.” Leo Tolstoy

Photo by Noah Buscher  on Unsplash

48 thoughts on “Mother Earth

  1. Wow. I now totally get it!!
    Never really thought about it this way.
    So what do we do to preserve mother earth?
    Because it has to start with us doing the bare minimum?

    1. I’m glad to be sharing a new perspective on the topic.

      Individually it can be as simple as planting a tree. There’s no good action that’s too small. On a slightly bigger scale can be less deforestation or atleast an effort towards reforestation, proper way of dumping toxics and pollutants as opposed to the norm of polluting rivers and fresh water bodies, especially for key individuals responsible in making such decisions in organization. Yes, it has to start small, individually.

  2. Mother Earth creates our environment we must honour her Soul people look upon the ground we tread so dismissively. We must love the Earth, her Oceans, provide 70% of the air we need to breathe, everything like you say comes from the Earth her wealth held within. Blessings

    1. Thank you for this comment. Very true. We forget of the abundance we enjoy from the earth, to be grateful and to pause and see the many Blessings.

  3. Very informative and insightful. “However, it is not earth that is in danger, but the species on it. Earth will always find a way to reset and survive even longer.” For future generations to enjoy our beautiful planet we must do better. Thank you for sharing. Stay safe.

  4. This is a topic almost every one has written on. Schools make it compulsory that all children write about Mother Earth where I live and all students are sick and tired of doing the same thing over and over again. This must be the hundredth piece of writing I’m reading about this topic but this is the first time it hits such a true note. Extra respect for the fact that you’re doing your part to help our planet and its people by being a farmer.

    I love how you have sprinkled the post with quotes. It makes the reading experience more involving. One quick suggestion- WordPress’s editor has a separate font for quotes. I thought you may not know that yet as you have made the quotes bold to make them stand out.

    1. I find it a very interesting topic, always good to write about since it helps enhance ones’ understanding to the topic. Also a chance to help others change their perspective by showing them the connections.

      It’s a good thing they made everyone write about it. In a way, the intention behind was good.

      Thanks about the bloque quote option suggestion. I’ll apply it in my next post. I appreciate the compliments.

      1. The intention is very good but quite hard for students in the younger age groups to understand.
        You’re welcome. Looking forward to the next post.

  5. All true, and written in such a clear way that those who do not yet understand can relate to it, and the choice of quotes as well as their presentation within the text is ideal. Thanks for visiting my blog, I’m truly honoured by that, and thrilled to find yours back.

  6. An excellent blog post Kevin. Well written, informative, educational and persuasive with urgency! Did you at all notice how nature and planet earth 🌎 was thriving while all us humans were forced into lockdown in our homes??? We are definitely the problem why planet earth and nature is not thriving as it should!

    1. Thanks Philip for your appreciation of the post. Yes I did. One could notice it’s rejuvenation. Hopefully our little mindful actions will help in the long run.

    1. Thank you. I’m glad for inspiring. I like the idea and look forward to reading the poems. Lots of my writing are inspired by nature to.

  7. Your post reminds me of the quote “the world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed”. We are temporary guests and we need to treat our home with kindness and compassion. I hope we realize the error of our ways and work to conserve and preserve this beautiful planet.

  8. Extremely relevant. In fact of the five basic elements, the earth is the most obvious and tangible aspect of our extended selves, or shall we say; we are the extended selves of earth. The nature that we see around is made of us, earth being its other name! thanks for this wonderful piece.

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