Numb – Poem

Scattered thoughts
A storm within destroying the peace that was
Fear creeps in,
Steered by persistent thoughts that continue to haunt.

Emotional distraught, worse than most pains
Feelings of disappointment
With hints of regret

Soon there’s stillness
Observing of the myriads of happenings
The numbness spreads from dwindling will to non-action,
Shreds of hope fade

Often, we get drained emotionally. The beautiful life spark fades, but it is okay. It does not mean this is an end but part of the journey. Things sometimes do not go as planned. The unexpected happens, the journey takes a detour. It is okay to feel the disappointments and hurt but do not dwell on them. Let go and grow.

Photo Credit
ยฉ2020 Kevin Kinge 

32 thoughts on “Numb – Poem

  1. Very nice poem and stunning photograph. Thank you for the great message and post. We are all on a journey right now that none of us living have been on before. We all have to try and keep moving forward. Very motivational post. Love to all your family. โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’•Joni

  2. This is a poem full of such good perspectives. Above all Let go and grow. Marvelous! As an older person I know that so much of what you say here is true and important.

  3. I assure you that somewhere in this world, someone having a hard time, wondering where things went wrong, will read this and cause a change in them. Like justcalmwildness, I loved the last line “Let go and grow”, as well.

    1. Hi Shreya. Thank you for the assurance. I’m glad that this will cause a positive change to people who it. Nice, it’s a powerful line that one. ๐Ÿ™

  4. I’m fascinated most times when things take a different turn than was planned. It gives me a perspective I never had before and most times it works for my good because I know I’ve done the right things and put in the needed efforts for whatever detour to work in my favour.
    Lovely poem!

    1. I once read there are two kinds of people. Those who panic when they get lost on the road and those who enjoy the new scenery and detour while finding their way. We should be more open minded and accept change In life since its the only constant and often times change doesn’t come easy.

  5. Moving on ahead to newer challenges and experiences, is but a part of the journey called life. But our low points require as much acknowledgement as our high ones. The poem is a very raw description of pain, and how to overcome it.

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