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Luck over time is inevitable. We all get lucky at some point in life. If you show up with good work and generous action. Sooner or later, something that appears to others to be lucky will appear. It is said to be a symptom of productive contributions. It rarely happens when you need it most or in equal proportion to what feels fair (to you or others), but it happens. The trap is hoping that a short-term focus on getting lucky on demand will pay off. A good example, in cases of betting.

Many define luck as an event brought by chance rather than action. Wikipedia’s description is. The phenomenon that defines the experience of positive, negative, or improbable events. The naturalistic interpretation is that positive and negative events happen all the time in human lives, both due to random and non-random, natural and artificial processes. That even improbable events can happen by random chance.

Learn to recognize good luck when it’s waving at you, hoping to get your attention.” Sally Koslow

I find the best definition to be; luck is when preparedness meets opportunity. Luck often happens when you have prepared for a thing. When an opportunity that aligns with what you have prepared for presents itself. You can seize the moment. The act of preparedness, in this case, may vary from aligning to the thing in mind. To actual work, lots of effort, hours, and investment put towards the attainment of a specific goal. Then there is the feeling of being lucky that brings luck. A good example again of luck would be in bets. Many people bet hoping to get lucky and win a jackpot, they pray, and some believe and act in faith. To some extent, that can be qualified as an effort. There is a slight probability of getting lucky. But there can be another person who has placed the bet and studied it. If it is a card game, chances are they know all they need to know about cards. If it is a random bet on numbers, they have researched and mastered the law of averages on it. Giving them a higher probability of winning.

“It’s the law of averages: put in more, come out with more” Bruce L

You can affirm luck in your life and prepare for it. Put the effort that aligns with the thing desired, then be open to receive. Expect a surprise or better, invoke the law of surprises. Expect signs of luck like a four-leaf clover, a ladybird or lady luck cross your path once in a while, feel lucky. You can also recite abundance affirmations. Some good affirmations that go well with luck or positive expectancy are. “I am wide awake to my good, I never miss a trick” or “something good is about to happen”. Have a lucky day.

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37 thoughts on “Be Lucky

      1. “I find the best definition to be; luck is when preparedness meets opportunity.” This quote was above our locker room exit to the field when I played football in HS, written a little different as, “Luck is defined as, when opportunity meets preparation.” I always thought that was the best definition. Appreciate your sharing. Good one!

  1. Dear Kinge, That was a nice post on Luck.

    Let me share my experience with you.

    In sanskrit, “dhrishti” means that which can be seen. In other words, we can use the meaning measurable or tangible..

    A- dhrishti means intangible..

    Luck in Indian languages is called adhrushtam, i e., that which is intangible, not foreseeable, not measurable..

    Tangible efforts give tangible results

    Intangible efforts give intangible results , i.e., Fortune…

    My guru tells me :: Do good to this world and it will come back to you in some form of other… that is luck

    Remember the poem ‘ The Arrow and the Song’ by HW Longfellow..

    1. I’ve learnt new terms from you. I like their concepts.

      Powerful words from your guru, words to live by. I already feel to be in adhrushtam for writing this post, I’m already receiving very valuable feedback such as this🙏.

      I’ve just read the poem for the first time. Thanks for sharing. It’s very witty, with timeless evergreen lesson plus flows smoothly. I really appreciate your feedback.

    1. 😃 Probably the reason why

      You should invoke the law of averages, feel as if you’ve attained it and remain in the state, hold the faith and feel lucky, maybe then you might win😏

    1. We have to take some action, however little towards a certain goal and when the timing is right, and alignment is attained we will reap the rewards. It’s an admirable belief. Welcome Jackie.

  2. “I find the best definition to be; luck is when preparedness meets opportunity” yes, this is the key!! Also indeed, “It’s the law of averages: put in more, come out with more.” My gramps used to say, “you make your own luck, kid.” Haha. Lovely post thanks for sharing Kinge.

    1. I like your gramps wise words of you make your own luck. Yes we do. By the actions we take through the will and drive we master. Thank you Lia

  3. This is wise in many fronts. Its better and more surer to prepare for luck than wish it. When opportunity arrives, one will know how best to proceed and the yields will be more.

    1. It’s a good attitude to life, yes being open and in expectancy of the good while taking any action we can towards it’s achievement however small the step may be. Thank you Anne.

  4. Yes I agree with this! A lot of it comes down to skill and working hard, but sometimes you need that element of luck and things to go your way 🙂 – thanks for sharing!

    Feel free to read some of my blog posts!

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