The sun was out, and it was raining, both were beautiful. The clouds looked puffy, and the breeze was gentle, it was calming. As I took a stroll, everyone was kind to the other. Some kids were playing at a distance. On the news, there was world Peace. Nature was flourishing thanks to mindfulness. All this, but a sweet daydream under the hot sun in the fields.

Let me tell you about a secret door. Which its key you have in your possession. Your treasures on the other side of the door. Because what’s the use of having a key whose door you know not?

The key is your imagination, the door your daydreams, and the route to the door is a definite goal. They say we create our realities, and this cannot be further from the truth. The shortest path to this success is your daydreams.

You see, the mind cannot differentiate between your imaginary daydreams from the activities within your day. So, whatever you daydream about, it interprets as your current reality. Helping you manifest more of it. Imagine if the daydreams were intentional? What dream of yours couldn’t come true?

Photo by Todd Cravens  on Unsplash

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55 thoughts on “Daydreaming

  1. Your way of start the article and elaboration of the atmosphere, makes me remember some popular hindi novelist it’s mostly like the author of ek aur Chandrakanta, “kamleshwar”

    1. πŸ™‚. Daydreams and visualizations work to the extent they are practiced and attention given to them. I’m planning to do a follow up post focusing on Lucid dreaming, falls in the same category.

      1. “You can’t control dreams, they are unconscious,
        but daydreaming-dreams are conscious *&* under
        the control of those who wish *&* hope
        if you don’t hurry up *&* write down ideas from dreams
        those original jewels will fleet
        yet daydreaming is recorded in your memory”

        _-By: Van Prince

      2. True. Daydreaming and lucid dreams work when our brain waves are on theta frequency of relaxation and deep meditative state.

  2. Such a beautiful picture.
    I love the rainbow 🌈
    Your post amazingly combines creative story telling with deep philosophy.
    Imagination versus reality is a good subject.
    Your caption captures it best; Daydreaming!
    I’m so loving this!

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