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What Struggle is worth Your while?

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Have you ever found yourself wanting something for months? Then months turn to years? You then start wondering whether you want it or it’s just another wishful desire or fantasy? It is probably due to the lack of action that you dedicate to the achievement of the desire or goal. Or maybe you do not want the thing at all. Other times, you may be going through challenges causing you to struggle on being persistent and consistent on a goal. You should always remember. Life cannot be all roses. We have to go through some challenges, and then we learn. They help define us to some extent by how we respond to them.

“There is scarcely any passion without struggle.”

Albert C

I often ask myself; what struggles are worth my while? often these days. Which ones will be worth it? It is a question that can change one’s perspectives. Our choices shape or define our destiny, separating those with goals from those without any.

“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.” Haruki Murakami

Who you are is defined by the values you are willing to struggle for? So, always ask yourself what pain would you rather endure because of the result that you have visualized to achieve. The gains you will achieve after the pain of the process? For example. People who enjoy the struggles of the gym are the ones with beautiful and healthy bodies. People who persist in learning a profitable trade are the ones who succeed at businesses. Students who put in effort in their studies are the ones who get good grades, and the pattern continues. Our struggles determine our success. Do not be afraid of anything. Face your struggles head-on and the struggle will disappear, bear fruits. Choose your struggles wisely. Accept peace and prosperity, and live the life that you desire. In life, storms come, we can then struggle to survive them until they pass, or choose not to. But in the end, all storms pass.

“And once the storm is over, you will not remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You will not even be sure whether the storm is over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm, you will not be the same person who walked in. That is what the storms are all about.”

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65 thoughts on “What Struggle is worth Your while?

  1. Mark Manson talks about this extensively in the second book he ever wrote.
    Love how you highlighted the points.
    We choose our struggles everyday, regardless of how conscious or not it is. And for that we need to pinpoint with focus which ones are worth our efforts and truly define us

    1. His knowledge of the topic is extensive. Thanks. Yes, our choices have a big part to play on how our life outcomes will be and it’s good to be mindful of the choices we make.

  2. There is something that I have always wanted. I got close to getting it but I lost it. Sometimes I feel like I’m wasting my time, like I should give. You know what, now, 💪 I’m resolved more than ever to pursue my dreams. Thanks for the inspiring and encouraging me today.

    1. Welcome Dorcas. Often times our goals and dreams don’t come easy. We have to struggle and persevere in the process to getting them. Constant examination of the intended goal and if the struggle towards attaining it helps clear the mind, renew purpose and give strength or encouragement. I’m glad for your resolve. Keep on. 🌻

    1. Hi Shreya. True, we all go through this struggles and doing some self assessment helps in giving clarity. I’m glad you relate that much to the article. Trusting you’ve been well?

      1. Good to hear you’ve been well. Success in your exams. How are you coping with online learning or is your university open for physical access?

      2. Okay, congratulations to your joining the university. May this new chapter of your life be filled with bountiful growth and peace.

      3. Most of the covid restrictions have been relaxed. There’s more focus on individual responsibility. Places of worship are open, also markets, closed borders and we have extended curfews. Many affected businesses are slowly picking up. There’s a sense of peace, which is much needed especially now that we are about to enter the campaign period. Schools are yet to open but this year’s candidates will seat for exams. Most learning is online. Kenya is okay, but can be better in time. India?

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