Yellow Buses

They are back, breaking the new standard of quiet morning’s
Loud engines and occasional loud hoots from the hasty drivers
Like a river of yellow, the yellow buses flow in and out of the stops.
Enthusiastically the children talk, excited for the new day.
Now all wearing little masks to keep the flu away.
Different uniforms forming beautiful patterns,
all neat and pressed
Boarding their respective yellow buses
It is only 6 am the birds have barely begun to chirp.
With the sun peeping on the horizon,
beautiful beams of yellow emerge.
The kids are off to school in their yellow buses.
It was just the other day when everyone was in fear of the pandemic
locked in the house, keeping safe distance
No yellow buses on the roads, Now the traffic and morning rush is back
The yellow buses at the front, are things back to what they were?

Photo credit
©2021 Kevin Kinge

Yellow buses – Poem

32 thoughts on “Yellow Buses

  1. Well described Kevin…in a way good that kids are back to school. But the lurking fear still persists. Here the schools are yet to reopen. Next month onwards I guess. Initially it will be only for higher grades. Hope things settle down.

    1. Yes, it’s good but still poses many questions. Schools are open here for all grades, with new health measures and guidelines. Hopefully they will. Thank you

    1. The restrictions help contain outbreaks and maintain some order especially the curfews. We still have curfews but no travel restrictions to. Thank you.

  2. Where I live we do not have the yellow buses yet. But where my daughter and grandkids live they are getting onto their yellow buses and off to school. My Grandson, who is 6 in Grade 1 was so excited to be going back to school. His older step sisters not so much🤣 I enjoyed your post and the slice of life you shared with these yellow buses.

    1. Thank you for sharing Anne. Hopefully they’ll come around soon. Yes, the longer ones are more excited about school😀, they’d really missed it. Happy you enjoyed the post🙂

  3. What an awesome media experience to illustrate the return of children to school in such an unprecedented time ❤️🎉

    Today’s poems would’ve been considered fantasy or sci-fy a year ago. Now they’re marking a historical phenomenon. Surreal😳

    Well done 😃

    1. True, no one could ever imagine the whole world going on a pause for a whole year, would have definitely seemed like sci-fi scene a year ago. Poems capture such moments beautifully. Thank you for your deep appreciation Teri 😊❤

    1. Hi Cheryl. The kids are really joyed over the schools reopening. They’ll be safe with the new rules and safety measures. They recognize the threat and are aware of their responsibilities to, in adhering to the new changes. Glad you liked it, thanks ❤

  4. There are schools which are still closed and we pray for safety over those who have resumed. It’s a bit scary but it looks like the kids are super excited to go back to school

    Thank you so much for this beautiful poem. Hope you still good

    1. Yes, many schools are still closed and those open haven’t resumed on full schedules and hopefully things will calm down in time.

      They are, and now they understand about the corona treat hence adhere to the new rules.

      Welcome, I am well, yourself?

      1. Good to hear you are great.

        Thank you for reading and your kind comments. I really appreciate. I’ve enjoyed catching up to many awesome posts on your blog to since last year September.

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