22 Best Cyber ​​Monday Mattress Deals (2022): Beds, Pillows, Blankets

Sleep is important but it is not always easy. Some people can sleep on a plank of wood, some of us need the perfect mattress, the crispest sheets made to perfection, and a nice sound machine blaring nearby. Luckily, there are Cyber ​​Monday deals on all of these. The prices listed here for mattresses and sheets are for the queen size version.

Updated November 27, 2022: We’ve added the Withings Sleep Tracking Mat, Sleep Dock, Sijo Sheets, and the Dreamegg D11 portable sound machine.

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We test products throughout the year and have selected these deals. There will be discounted items from the moment they are sold out or already published crossed out. We’ll update this guide throughout Cyber ​​Monday.

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When it comes to mattresses, the rule of thumb is to never pay full price. No matter what time of year it is, there is always a sale. List prices are set artificially high to make the deals seem extravagant, but they are not. We’ve picked out the best deals below, but our Best Mattresses guide has even more options and detailed explanations of hybrid and full foam.

Helix Midnight Luxe Hybrid mattress

Photo: Helix Sleep

This is our favorite mattress and if you don’t need the money you should buy it. That’s the same price during the Memorial Day sale and $50 more than last Black Friday (the base price has gone up). It lives up to its luxury name and the top is plush and cushioned, but still has a medium firm feel that’s good for all sleeping positions. The amount of money depends on the size you choose. Click the view offer button at the top of the website to see exactly how much it is and which code you’ll need to apply at checkout. Each mattress order comes with two pillows.

Don’t want to spend as much money as Helix? If you’re not sure which mattress to buy, the Casper is an all-around great choice. This is what our reviewer calls “as close to default as beds come.” You’ll get softer support, better breathability and edge support from a full foam mattress.

Do you know reversible jackets? Well, this Leyli is just one mattress. If you feel like sleeping at night on a soft or firm surface, you can turn this double-sided foam mattress. It’s a great way to get a feel for both types without a trip to the store. Or maybe you prefer to switch things up every once in a while.

Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress

Photo: Tuft and Needle

If you need to relieve pressure to sleep better at night, this mattress is ideal. You’ll sink into a top layer of conforming foam that feels supportive. It has green ceramic gel foam to dissipate heat, and it manages to hold its shape, so no human-shaped contours the next night.

Enter the code BFCM22 at checkout to view the discount. I enjoyed sleeping on this comfortable mattress. It’s not perfect – the foot of the bed doesn’t have much extra support, although the other three sides are fine. You get two free pillows with your order.

Nectar Sleep Memory Foam Mattress

Photo: Nectar

Does the thought of spending more than a grand on a bed keep you up at night? Yes, that’s a solid deal. A nectar mattress is a good choice for side sleepers. Its MSRP is $999, but we usually see it drop to $799, so this is a real bargain indeed. It’s a full foam bed, not a hybrid, but soft enough – it sinks in but doesn’t swallow you. If you want to add two pillows, a sheet and a mattress protector, you have to add the suggested accessories for $99.

Our Best Weighted Blanket guide breaks down weight and size and has even more options.

Yaasa Weighted Blanket

Photo: Yaasa

Yaasa’s weighted blanket is expensive and rarely on sale, but if you like a stiff, heavy blanket, this is our favorite. The open knit design is nice and allows for air circulation if you’re a hot sleeper like me. It also feels a lot heavier than the other options (which is a good thing!). Available in 15 or 20 pound sizes.

Gravity may be the most popular weighted blanket company, and this blanket is its first affordable version. It left nothing to be desired – I loved sleeping with it. It’s 15 pounds and is the perfect size for one person to enjoy without irritating their partner. It is machine washable, but there are also several cover options. If you buy the blanket from Amazon, the page has an additional 10 percent off.

Brooklinen Weighted Throw Blanket

Image: Brooklinen

You can get a great blanket for less with the Gravity option above, but Brookline’s is especially beautiful in terracotta and dark green. It’s a pleasant 12 pounds, with a satisfyingly textured side and a smooth cotton side.

The discount is automatically applied at checkout. The Balun’s throw is slightly smaller than the Brookline’s, so it might be better for solo sleepers (or if your partner doesn’t like weighted blankets). It’s a crisp cool cotton and has linen duvet covers in really nice colors. The blanket is machine washable and dryable.

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Sound Machine and Sleep Tech Deals

You can find more recommendations in our Best Sound Machines guide.

Photo: Amazon

I love this little sound machine. It is marketed for babies and works great for them (esp shhhhhh sound), but it’s great for anyone who wants portability or just a small machine that doesn’t take up a lot of space. This small round body packs 11 sounds, including restaurant-style silent chats, and you can let it run continuously or on one of three timers (30, 60 or 90 minutes). The twist can also work as a night light.

Click the coupon button on the page to see the discount at checkout. If you want a sound machine and a sunrise alarm (plus a digital clock!), the Hatch hits the mark here. Using the application, you can program your main morning and night routines, select alarm and sleep sounds. Even with this discount, it’s still expensive. Subscribing to a Hatch Sleep Membership gets you a library of changing sounds, stories, and thoughts, but it’s not required.

Click the coupon button on the page to see the discount at checkout. This version of Hatch is designed for babies, but anyone can use it. It has kid-specific features such as bedtime and wake-up lights. It’s good that early risers don’t annoy their parents on their only day to sleep, but it can also be useful for adults who need a reminder to put down their phones and take a second to go to sleep. Using the app, you can customize colors and switch between sounds. The second generation version uses Wi-Fi instead of Bluetooth.

Morphee Sleep Meditation Box

Photo: Marta Puglia/Morphee

I really like Morphee products. They are thoughtfully designed and screen-free. You can get a basic sound machine for less, but that also adds meditation. You can go from the sounds of a crackling fireplace to meditative sessions designed to help you fall into a deep sleep. The downside is that you can only choose between playing for 8 or 20 minutes; I wish it would sound continuously.

Get this for the kids. Not only is it adorable, it’s also meditative, taking kids on a journey with an animal companion. I gave one to my friend, whose daughter loves it, and she used to carry it from room to room and listen to it. It has the same time limits as the adult version.

Withings Sleep Tracking Mat

Photo: Amazon

Tracking your sleep habits might be interesting, but most of us don’t want to wear anything on our wrists while we sleep. This mattress goes under your mattress, and after a one-time calibration, it just works, so you don’t have to think about anything but drift off into dreamland. It detects sounds like snoring and alerts you to any breathing disorders that could indicate sleep apnea. When you wake up, you can check the results in the connected app. The price has risen to $130 in the last month, but before that it was stable at $100.

It takes a good chunk of change, but it might be worth it if you find yourself constantly battling the temperature. You’ll receive a Chilisleep pillow to place on top of your mattress, which connects to a water pump unit that maintains your chosen temperature between 55 and 115 degrees Fahrenheit. WIRED writer Simon Hill said the pillow wasn’t very comfortable and the water heater was noisy. This is best reserved for those desperate for perfect sleep.

Buffy Wiggle Pillow

Photo: Buffy

Body pillows are usually close to your length or slightly shorter. With this Wiggle pillow, I can wrap it around me, cocoon in it with my head on top of it. I sleep very well with this on. The brand also makes fuzzy covers, but they’re currently out of stock. The cover makes it feel like a teddy bear, but I like how cool it feels without it.

WIRED reviewer Haley Sprankle tests bedding, and these satins from Brooklinen are cutting edge. She says they feel buttery soft but don’t heat up overnight. They also come in beautiful, muted colors and even a few patterns like a stunning kaleidoscope.

Photo: Blissy

Blissy’s silk mask is cool and comfortable and it blocks out all the light so I can sleep. It also comes in 38 (!!) colors and patterns. I alternate between this and Nodpod’s weighted sleeping mask.

WIRED reviews editor Julian Chokkattu likes Parachute’s crisp percale sheets, but the brand’s linen, satin, and cotton options are also available. They don’t come in a set, so you’ll have to buy a top sheet for $64 ($16 off) and a built-in sheet for $72 ($18 off) — otherwise you’ll get one for $63 ($16 off). they need it. If you don’t sleep with a top sheet, this may be an advantage for you.

WIRED writer Jaina Gray likes Sijo’s cooler sheets. He says they are silky and keep you warm enough without suffocating you. Like the Parachute Sheets above, you can get just the fitted sheet if you prefer.

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