6 countries with the fastest internet speeds for travelers in 2023

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Which countries have the fastest internet speeds for travelers?

These are the top six countries with the fastest internet speeds, according to Nomadlist, a website that collects user data to determine the best destinations around the world for digital nomads.

The Internet is a major factor in the viability of a destination for digital nomads who need fast connection speeds to work online.

Digital nomad woman working on laptop using internet

However, internet speed is something that is important for all travelers, not just telecommuters. It can be the difference between uploading photos and videos of your vacation to social media and video chatting with loved ones at home.

A fast Internet connection is essential as many travelers rely on WiFi abroad rather than paying extra for international mobile data.

Based on user data from over 4.5 million travelers, these are the countries with the fastest internet speeds in the world.

Black student girl with laptop on balcony using internet

1. Orange

It’s no surprise that Portugal tops this list with average internet speeds 60 Mbit/s. Portugal has long been one of Europe’s top destinations for digital nomads, thanks to its stunning scenery, sunny weather, affordable prices and fast internet.

Portugal has become more popular in the past year with travelers drawn to its cities like Lisbon and Porto, its beautiful beaches and wine region.

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Tram in Lisbon, Portugal

2. Norway

Next in the list of countries with the fastest internet speed is Norway with an average speed 55 Mbps.

Norway may be one of the most expensive countries to visit in Europe, but you can be sure that this Scandinavian country will have fast WiFi speeds, whether you’re exploring the majestic fjords or chasing the Northern Lights.

Winter in Bergen Norway where the internet is fast

3. Switzerland

Switzerland is another European country with fast internet speeds. Average speed in Switzerland according to travelers 54 Mbps, so you won’t have any trouble getting in touch here.

While this is another destination that isn’t exactly budget-friendly (it actually tops the list of the most expensive countries in Europe), Switzerland is still worth a visit.

World-class skiing and snowboarding in the Swiss Alps in winter attracts many travelers. And during the summer months, stunning scenery, great hiking and adventure activities make Switzerland a popular destination.

Even in the middle of nature in a small Alpine village, you can connect with the fast internet speed of Switzerland.

The Bernina Express through the Swiss Alps in Switzerland, Central Europe

4. Lithuania

Lithuania has an average internet speed 52 Mbit/s. This underrated nation is one of the Baltic states in Eastern Europe and a fast-growing digital nomad hub.

The capital city of Vilnius is safe, beautiful and very affordable. It attracts many entrepreneurs and startups and has a lively atmosphere. The rest of Europe is also easily accessible from Lithuania.

hot air balloons take off over Vilinus Lithuania

5. Denmark

Another European country with fast internet speed is Denmark 51 Mbit/s.

Although Denmark is not known as a budget-friendly country, it is possible to visit its capital Copenhagen for $50 a day. Copenhagen is one of the best Scandinavian capitals, with a lot to see.

Outside the city, Kronborg Slot (castle Hamlet) and the Louisiana Art Museum are other popular places to visit in Denmark.

Colorful buildings in Nyhavn, Copenhagen

6. Bulgaria

Finally on this list is Bulgaria with average internet speed 51 Mbit/sProvides parity with Denmark.

This Balkan country has become one of the best destinations for digital nomads in Europe due to its extremely affordable prices, budget-friendly ski resorts and cool cities like Sofia and Veliko Tarnovo.

If you’re looking for a beautiful and affordable European destination with fast Internet speeds to boot, add Bulgaria to your list.

Main Street in Bansko, an Alpine Bulgarian Town at the Foot of the Pirin Mountains, Bulgaria, Eastern Europe

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