7 Best Bitcoin Documentaries to Watch in 2022

Bitcoin documentaries are becoming increasingly popular as more people want to learn about the cryptocurrency.

But with so many different documentaries out there, it’s hard to know which ones are worth watching. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the best bitcoin documentaries you can watch today.

The best bitcoin documentaries

Here’s a look at seven of the best bitcoin documentaries you’ll find online, ranked by their IMDb rating.

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin (2014)

If you want to know everything about Bitcoin, then The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin that’s the documentary for you. Directed by Nicholas Mross, this 2014 film takes a comprehensive look at the history and future of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin’s rise and rise covers everything from the currency’s early days, when it was primarily used by drug dealers and criminals, to its current status as a legitimate investment and peer-to-peer transaction tool. Along the way, you’ll hear some of the world’s biggest names Bitcoin world, including early adopters, developers, investors and entrepreneurs.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, the rise and fall of Bitcoin will educate and entertain in equal measure. The documentary currently has a 7.1 IMDb rating, making it the best bitcoin documentary from other viewers’ points of view.

IMDb rating: 7.1

Bitcoin: Beyond the Bubble (2018)

In Bitcoin: Beyond the Bubble,” Tim Delmastro explores the history and future of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency phenomenon. The documentary features interviews with some of the leading figures in the world of Bitcoin, including early adopter Roger Ver, developer Gavin Andresen, and entrepreneur Charlie Schrem. These early adopters share how they got involved with Bitcoin. stories about what they relate to, what they believe in, and what they think the future holds for cryptocurrency.

In addition to these personal stories, the film also covers more controversial aspects of Bitcoin, such as its use in illicit markets such as the Silk Road. But the film doesn’t take sides on the issue and instead presents both sides of the argument fairly.

Delmastro examines Bitcoin’s potential as a disruptive force in the financial world and also looks at the risks associated with investing in cryptocurrencies.

Overall, “Bitcoin: Beyond the Bubble” is an interesting and informative documentary that provides insight into both the pros and cons of Bitcoin. With an IMDb rating of 7.0, this documentary is worth a watch whether you’re a Bitcoin fan or skeptic.

IMDb rating: 7.0

Cryptopia: Bitcoin, Blockchains and the Future of the Internet (2020)

Cryptopia is a documentary film exploring the history and future of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. The film traces the origins of Bitcoin from its inception in 2009, from its early days as a niche interest among crypto enthusiasts to its modern status as a global phenomenon. It features interviews with the most influential people in the Bitcoin community, including early adopters, developers, entrepreneurs and investors.

Through these interviews, Cryptopia offers a detailed look at what Bitcoin is, how it works, and why it has the potential to change the way we use the internet with the rise of Web3. The film also discusses some of the challenges facing Bitcoin as it tries to go mainstream, including regulation and scalability.

Cryptopia is a compelling and informative documentary rated 6.9 on IMDb and essential viewing for anyone interested in understanding the true potential of Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

IMDb rating: 6.9

Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It (2015)

Another documentary “Bitcoin: The end of money as we know it,” explores the history and future of money, with a particular focus on Bitcoin. The film features interviews with a variety of experts on the topic, including economists, financial analysts, and Bitcoin developers.

The film begins by tracing the history of money from barter to fiat currency. It then looks at the current financial system and related problems such as inflation and debt. The film argues that Bitcoin could be the solution to these problems.

The second half of the film looks at the potential future of Bitcoin. It discusses how Bitcoin could disrupt the current financial system and even replace fiat currency entirely. The film ends with a look at some of the challenges facing Bitcoin such as regulation and adoption.

Overall, “Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know It” is a well-made and informative documentary with a 6.9 IMDb rating of interest to anyone interested in the future of money.

IMDb rating: 6.9

Banking on Bitcoin (2016)

Next on our list Banking in Bitcoin, a 2016 documentary about the development and social impact of bitcoin. The film explores History of Bitcoin and the potential of blockchain technology to upend the traditional banking system. It follows the stories of some of the first people involved in Bitcoin, including the Winklevoss twins, and Charlie Schrem, who started one of the first Bitcoin exchanges.

The film then covers the rise of Bitcoin from its beginnings as a niche interest for technologists to its current status as a major financial technology that could disrupt the traditional banking system. Banking on Bitcoin is an in-depth and entertaining look at the history of Bitcoin and the people who have driven its continued development.

IMDb rating: 6.6

Bit x Bit: We Trust Bitcoin (2018)

Bit by bit: We Trust Bitcoin It is a 2018 documentary film directed by David Fooks. The film does a great job of breaking down the complex topics surrounding Bitcoin in a way that is both informative and entertaining.

Bit x Bit is a must watch for anyone interested in bitcoin. The film takes an in-depth look at the rise of Bitcoin and the different ways it can be used. It also covers the history of Bitcoin, how it works, why bitcoin has value, and its potential implications for the future. Plus, it explores the different ways people are using Bitcoin as a tool for investment, commerce, and social change.

Foox interviews a variety of experts in the field, including early adopters, developers, and investors. It also explores controversial aspects of Bitcoin, such as its connection to criminal activity.

Whether you’re new to Bitcoin or have been following its development for years, Bit x Bit is worth watching. It provides a great introduction to the world of cryptocurrency and will give you a better understanding of this emerging technology.

IMDb rating: 6.4

Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution (2017)

Finally, we have a documentary directed by Tim Delmastro “Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution,“A Film Exploring the Rise of Bitcoin Featuring interviews with some of the biggest names in finance and technology, the film takes a close look at how bitcoin works and its potential to upend the global financial system.

It explores the origins of bitcoin, how it works, and its potential implications for the future of finance. The film features interviews with several experts in the field, including developers, investors and financial analysts. They discuss the potential of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as well as the risks and challenges associated with this new technology.

IMDb rating: 6.0

Since Bitcoin is still a relatively new technology and there is a lot of interest in it, it is important for everyone to thoroughly research the technology and innovation surrounding it. Bitcoin documentaries are a great place to start, and you can watch one, two (or seven) documentaries to help you better understand how bitcoin works.

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