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You cannot dream yourself into a character; you must hammer and forge yourself one.

Life is Now!

Often, we relate purpose to a future; where one going, what you are supposed to do, and what goals you have but this is an outer purpose. The most important purpose is finding and understanding your inner purpose. Inner purpose is aligning your life fully to the present moment. Aligning to what you are doing… Continue reading Life is Now!

Reality – Part 2

We are intelligent beingsLiving in an intelligent worldWhere everything is connectedNothing happening by luck or chanceSpirit at the center, where all balance stem fromOur words, our wandsCreating realities from nothingCo-creating in thoughts, words, and actions┬áManifesting in this classroom called earthOur experiences and mistakes the many lessonsOf Dreams within dreamsDeep within, we awake to different realitiesPredetermined… Continue reading Reality – Part 2


We’ve come a long way on our technological journey from mailing to instant information and communication on your hand with internet and tech devices. With the fast-paced access to information, there’s also a sense of fast paced life that errodes our morals, cultures, and natural states just as fast. It’s a sad reality but the… Continue reading Algorithms

Yellow Buses

They are back, breaking the new standard of quiet morning’sLoud engines and occasional loud hoots from the hasty driversLike a river of yellow, the yellow buses flow in and out of the stops.Enthusiastically the children talk, excited for the new day.Now all wearing little masks to keep the flu away.Different uniforms forming beautiful patterns,all neat… Continue reading Yellow Buses


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