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You cannot dream yourself into a character; you must hammer and forge yourself one.


Peace is a blessing. As we live our lives, the more experiences we encounter, and in those experiences, we often collect some burdens. We go through good and tough times. Somedays are usually tougher than others, but we manage to pull through. Keeping worries and anxiety away by being in the present moment. We learn… Continue reading Peace

A Boy

There was once a young boy.Of humble beginnings and Happy childhoodCurious of the world playing coyMaking friends in school and neighborhood Little did he know that life an adventureThe best views have the hardest climbsTo take the scenic route, enjoy the detour.Utilize the many gifts including mind and limbs,Soon, shaped and defined by life experiences.Of… Continue reading A Boy


2020 topped it on being the most unique of all the years I have seen this far. The pandemic made it different. Bringing the whole world to a halt. With new terms such as asymptomatic bouncing around, fears of spreading the virus forcing people to keep their distance, wearing masks, and staying at home. Aside… Continue reading 2021


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