A baby elephant in Kenya charmed the internet by interrupting a reporter

Journalist Alvin Patterson Kaunda was mauled by an elephant that tried to tickle him with its trunk while reporting on the news.

A KBC journalist was reporting from the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi, Kenya when she was interrupted by an animal named Kindani. The Wildlife Trust is a non-profit animal rehabilitation center for elephants and rhinos.

Alvin himself shared the video on his Instagram account (@alvin.kaunda) and wrote:

“3 of the Big 5. Great experiences behind the scenes so far. . . Wait for this!! 😂 @sheldricktrust.”

In the video, Alvin is seen to be serious about the matter at first, playing with three teeth behind him. Finally, one of them uses his trunk to tickle Kaunda, playing with his ears and nose until he laughs.

The elephant that interrupted the journalist was loved by Internet users

A video of Kindani interrupting a KBC News reporter has garnered more than 73,000 views since its release. The hilarious clip begins with journalist Kaunda explaining what the Sheldrick Wildlife trust does.

He talks about how Tawakkul serves as an orphanage for the tusks, where they are taught lessons and live out their lives in the wild, adding:

“They say charity begins at home, and for these young orphaned elephants, this charity is the place they call home. It’s where they discover and are taught life lessons, experience love and deal with loss.”

However, before Alvin could continue, he was cut off when the baby Kindani began to carry his luggage over him. Although Alvin continued to talk about the effects of humans causing disruptions in the animal ecosystem, he had no chance against the 4-year-old animal.

Netizens who saw the video couldn’t help but be fascinated by it and used it as fodder for laughter. While some thought it was the “cutest thing” they’d seen all day, others were glad the reporter shared the video.

If you could do it with a laugh and a little joy, then watch it! It’s impossible not to laugh watching this baby elephant break the news of a TV reporter!https://t.co/TiOBrYELFH

A baby elephant disrupting a TV reporter’s job is the best part of today. https://t.co/1gWNb6id17

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