I am a student of the mind. I read a lot on mind, body, and spirit. I write about the same to the extent of my understanding with a keen interest in personal development. I love poetry, reading, artful music, canvas paints, journaling, jogging, cycling, calisthenics, and nature. Grounding myself enjoying sunsets, trees, and birds. For the past few years, I have been learning to be positive, to raise my vibration, and be an intentional cause in my life. I strive to be more present in my moments. My name is Kinge Kevin. I’m currently a farmer who writes. Welcome to my blog

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  5. I was born and raised by farmer parents. I am so glad to witness a farmer blogger. Wow! You must be proud of yourself and I am very happy that I found your blog. I salute to you!

    1. Welcome to the blog, I’m glad you found it to. Thanks for sharing. I’ve been farming for almost 3 years now and most of my writing inspiration comes from nature. Thank You.

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