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Due to the effects caused by the coronavirus pandemic and different types of extreme climates, we have all faced one disaster after another in recent years.

In 2017, the Government of Taiwan launched “Civic IoT Taiwan” with the aim of promoting collaboration between local governments and private organizations to help meet the challenges of environmental change and increase the capability and effectiveness of digital technology in environmental management. It aims to help them work together to establish a sound environmental monitoring system and promote the development of information and digital economy, creating a “Digital Country, Smart Island”.

With inter-ministerial collaboration of the government, the Department of Industrial Technology has commissioned the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) to develop environmental IoT sensor components. After passing the tests conducted by the national laboratory, the technology was transferred to private enterprises for mass production. The indoor air quality micro sensor has a long service life in high temperature and humidity environment. It also adds temperature and humidity parameter compensation and correction, which not only improves accuracy, but also meets local needs. Taking advantage of Taiwan’s electronics manufacturing, sensor equipment manufacturers, network equipment manufacturers, etc. provide domestic and foreign customers with solutions for both indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring.

Among them, Askey Computer, a subsidiary of ASUS Group, is deeply involved in the development of network communication and the production of electronic products. Its core technology is applied to many fields, including 5G/LTE, Internet of Things, Internet of Vehicles, and smart homes. In recent years, it has not only implemented the Civil IoT Taiwan plan, but also started to provide total service solutions to meet local government needs. In addition to providing communications equipment for foreign telecom operators, Askey uses its experience in civil IoT to sell sensor equipment and services to foreign telecom operators and home appliance operators to improve the quality of family life through air quality solutions.

This year, when it comes to home IoT, Askey Computer has partnered with Verizon in the European market and home appliance manufacturer Archelik to generate up to 2 billion in revenue and provide full smart home services in the local market. Through Taiwan-made communication equipment such as IoT Gateway and WiFi Mesh, it has created a home network system and integrates various sensor equipment from Taiwan. Through mobile apps and platforms, users can access everything to create a smart home and home security, including air quality, security protection, energy conservation and elder care. Especially during the pandemic, the indoor air quality sensor provides a principle that users can follow and automatically activate the air purifier and air conditioner through the smart device to clean the home environment when the air quality is in poor condition. This year, sales figures for air quality solutions are over 20 million, ensuring air quality protection and assurance for many families.

Thanks to Taiwan’s efforts and participation in Civil IoT Taiwan, Taiwanese businesses can provide complete solutions for both indoor and outdoor air quality. It can improve air circulation through real-time indoor air quality monitoring, reduce the risk of pandemics and infectious diseases caused by high indoor CO2 concentrations, or air pollution problems caused by pet dander, dust mites or cooking fumes. Through outdoor air quality monitoring, we can obtain information about outdoor air quality to provide local air quality forecasts and data visualizations for the public, and we must spare no effort to help the public make judgments and decisions. At the same time, it helps identify local sources of pollution and further assists relevant departments in the field of technological law enforcement to improve local air quality and eliminate the possibility of pollution.

In the future, we expect to be able to combine the advantages of Taiwan products with Askey’s communication equipment and network services, as well as Taiwan-made micro air quality sensors, to provide more complete air quality solutions to domestic and foreign buyers. Through sensor sensing, we can provide real-time and preventive monitoring services. With the wisdom and strength of the island of Taiwan, we hope to contribute to the world and work together to protect the world’s air quality and bring a better living environment for all people.

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