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Saturday’s Star Trek Universe panel at San Diego Comic-Con had some big reveals for three (out of five) of the current Star Trek series. While the event mostly focused on those three shows, the man in charge of the Star Trek Universe for Paramount+ dropped some hints about what’s next for the television franchise.

Expect two more shows, possibly with female leads

The Star Trek Universe panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2022 was comprised of three sub-panels for Picard, lower decksand Strange New Worlds, with executive producers Alex Kurtzman and Rod Roddenberry remaining for each. During the show-specific discussions, Kurtzman mentioned other things in development a couple of different times, although each time it came in response during fan Q&A and questions about more representation in Star Trek.

A deaf fan (through an interpreter) mentioned how inspiring it was to have Bruce Horak (Hemmer) represent the blind community on Strange New Worlds, proposing Kurtzman do “the next thing” and bring in a cast member who is deaf. Kurtzman replied:

It’s a terrific idea and it’s definitely something that we’ll take into the next [pauses for dramatic effect] two Star Trek shows that we are currently developing.

The next hint about what might be coming came in response to another fan who mentioned how impressed she was with the “robust female characters in the last several shows,” and asked if there could be a spin-off with a female captain, possibly lead by Jeri Ryan or Gates McFadden. Kurtzman replied:

First of all, I’d say anything’s possible. And I’ll say–without revealing too much–you can certainly expect to see more Star Trek shows with female leads.

And for the record, McFadden’s response was “Sweet. I do know how to drive a ship, remember that,” before pivoting to talk about Picard season three.

Rod Roddenberry and Alex Kurtzman at San Diego Comic-Con 2022 (Photo: TrekMovie)

What could they be… and when?

The last new Star Trek series to be announced by CBS Studios and Paramount+ was Strange New Worlds in the spring of 2020, but even before, they had already announced development on a Discovery spinoff starring Michelle Yeoh focusing on Section 31. Since then, there has also been confirmation that a Starfleet Academy show is in the works. As for more spin-offs with female leads, Jeri Ryan has made it clear she would welcome the chance for a Picard spin-off with Seven and Raffi. And more recently Star Trek: Voyager‘s (and Prodigy’s) Kate Mulgrew has been dropping some hints about a return to live action.

Earlier this year executives from Paramount+ were suggesting the next show that will get an official series order would be that long-gestating Yeoh/Section 31 project. An announcement was supposed to come this year, and with Picard wrapping up next year, Paramount would have to put another show into development fairly soon to keep up the current amount of new original Trek content (especially live-action content) into 2024 and beyond.

Is Georgiou next?

How much Trek does Paramount+ want?

Maintaining the current level of Star Trek content with five series delivering a total of around 50 episodes a year may not be a given. Wall Street pressure is forcing a reevaluation on some of the big spending seen in recent years as the major studios fought to establish a presence with their own streaming services. Paramount has already acknowledged some shift in strategy, changing their earlier promise of a new movie every week on Paramount+, to one every other week.

Kurtzman appears to be optimistic, telling TrekMovie in May: “I think Paramount+ is committed to having as many shows as make sense. I don’t think they put a number to it… They’ve just said, ‘Let’s do great shows.’ So as many as we can give them that they’re excited about, I think that’s what we’ll get away with.”

And based on his new comments from Comic-Con, it sounds like Kurtzman is still moving forward with creating more Star Trek content for Paramount+.

More to come from SDCC 2022

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