American Airlines pilots voice concerns over new cockpit procedures

The union representing American Airlines pilots raised concerns about new cockpit procedures the airline implemented Tuesday, saying pilots were not given enough time or training to learn them.

While pilots normally receive formal in-person or online training on such procedural updates, Allied Pilots Association spokesman Capt. Dennis Tajer told USA TODAY that they only received a training bulletin (or handout) with operational updates. An instruction manual with about 100 pages of reading and a short video with an overview of the changes that American pilots say are not unique to the aircraft they fly.

According to Tajer, the updates are designed to streamline pilot operations across the airline’s fleet.

“American Airlines Flight Operations management is attempting to circumvent robust safety-related pilot training by unilaterally imposing operational changes through a bulletin,” leaders of the APA, which represents 15,000 American Airlines pilots, said in a post on their website Monday. “While APA is not opposed to fleet alignment, we remain committed to ensuring that pilots are properly trained before operating with passengers.”

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