Ann Coulter is apparently busy (again) and the internet is responding accordingly

It’s just this: Ann Coulter is busy … again. Or he?

British right-wing radical Laurence Fox announced the other day that he and The 61-year-old gay-hating political hack plans to spend the rest of their lives together in holy matrimony.

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I am very happy to announce this@AnnCoulterand I’m getting married,” he tweeted on Jan. 1, along with a very romantic photo of himself and Coulter in a cafeteria together.

Now we’re 99.99% sure it’s a joke.

Fox has a history of fake engagement announcements like this, and Coulter has been engaged multiple times but never walked down the aisle.

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Her rumored boyfriends and fiances have varied over the years from conspiracy theorist Dinesh D’Souza to tennis star-turned-Christian-radio-host David Wheaton to his bodyguard, with several wildcards including Democratic politician Andrew Stein and liberal comedian Bill Maher.

In 2002, he told The Telegraph he was still on the hunt for Mr Right (wing). “I have been engaged many times. Four, I think,” he said at the time, adding, “I don’t even remember all of them. “I don’t think about the past five minutes after they leave.”

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After 20 years, his lifelong search for love and happiness may or may not be over.

People had all kinds of reactions to Fox and Coulter’s “big news.” Here’s what they say..

All that being said, if Fox and Coulter were to actually team up, it would be a match made in right-wing heaven (aka Hell). The two have a lot in common.

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Last year, Fox was suspended on Twitter for tweeting an image of a swastika made from the LGBTQ+ Progressive Pride flag: “You can call it open. [Union Jack] fa symbol[s]The Body and Totalitarianism on Twatter. You cannot criticize the sacred flags.

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Meanwhile, Coulter has a long and well-documented disdain for queer people… and pretty much any group that doesn’t identify as cis, white, straight, conservative, Native American, and Christian. (He’s also a big fan of swastikas.)

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