APS students can borrow hotspots when WiFi is unavailable during vacation

Students will switch to online learning if Akron Public Schools teachers go on vacation next week, but the district hasn’t decided what to do with students and families without Internet access.

Students will be required to participate in online learning during the vacation, the district said.

“Public education is required by Ohio law, and a labor strike is not a valid excuse for the absence of a scholar,” the district said on its strike information page. “Fortunately, our scholars are accustomed to learning in a virtual/online environment away from the school building, which allows our district to track scholar participation and attendance. This potentially limits the days needed to make up at the end of the year.”

The district said there will be an instructional plan and recommended daily schedule for online learning, including opportunities for students to meet online with an APS administrator with teaching experience and opportunities to independently complete online lessons at their own pace.

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