At $7,500, Is This 90 Toyota Century a Once in a Lifetime?

Good price or no dice 1990 Toyota Century

Toyota is named after today No nice price or dice Contender of the Century in 1967 to celebrate founder Sakichi Toyoda’s 100th birthday. Let’s see how glorious the price tag of this vintage limo can be.

Last Friday I started my day the way I enjoy spending most Friday mornings – sipping a cup of coffee and watching the votes tally for the candidate of the day. Last Friday was particularly interesting because it took exactly nine minutes and 38 votes before everyone voted for our side 2008 Lincoln Mark LT the bidder’s asking price is $33,000. That one stoic voice was Lincoln’s only supporter for 10 more minutes and 45 more before a fellow countryman joined in. However, that was far enough Mark LT ends the day with an insurmountable result 94 percent No dice loss.

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As we discussed on Friday, Ford has long been at a loss for what to do with its luxury brand, Lincoln. It’s not the same in many cases other manufacturers, and when it comes to luxury models, Toyota figured it all out decades ago.

In 1967, in fact, Toyota introduced its most luxurious car, the Century. The model continued in limited production as the company’s flagship for the domestic market for a remarkable 30 years before seeing a significant update.

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This long and somewhat unchanged model run is today’s reason private import 1990 Toyota Century It looks like it’s from another age, not from the MTV era. As you can clearly see from the pictures, the car’s styling bears hints of the early ’70s Corona more than anything Toyota built in the ’90s. In general, lind it looks more like a 1960s Mopar product than anything else. The only giveaways of its origins are the headlights and fender-mounted side-view mirrors, which were illegal in America in the 1960s. there was a law in Japan at that time.

The Century’s V8 engine is befitting of its size and stature. The all-alloy 4-liter engine was co-developed with Yamaha, and when this edition hit the streets, it had multi-point fuel injection that produced around 190 horsepower. Backing this up is a four-speed automatic with column shift. According to the seller, the car only has 65,000 miles under its belt. It is said to have “no leaks or noises”. a In addition, is claimed to be “He drives around on tranquilizers like a Cadillac.”

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The interior is also a 70s riot. The cabin features leather upholstery, both wood and brushed metal trim, and carpet deep enough to lose pocket change. This is a JDM car, so the steering wheel sits on the right side. That shouldn’t be a problem for rear-seat passengers, who enjoy a ton of legroom and recessed door openings for step-free access. There are also heated seats and a remote control for both the stereo and automatic climate control.

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However, the car’s best party trick is its ability to fold down the backrest on the front left seat, thus offering saloon-like spaces for the rear seat. Have you ever crossed your legs through a car seat to kick back? Yes, me too.

As advertised, this Century has a few flies in its ointment. The biggest note problems with front door window mechanisms and peeling paint on the roof. This last issue brings up an interesting feature of this car, which is the removable roof section above the saloon seat. It seems too big and unwieldy to be driven by a single driver (or driven by a woman). In addition, where would you put it when it went off? Again, parades or the occasional opportunity to be adored by the little ones, this can prove an impressive vantage point.

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The car is being advertised in Reno Nevada, and the seller is warning interested parties in neighboring California that it cannot be registered there without serious (read expensive) modifications to meet the state’s emissions requirements.

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For everyone, it can be an incredible ride and magnet in any car meeting, royal ride. or Dollar Tree shopping track. The seller is asking $7,500 to do this.

What do you think about it?Is there a luxury Toyota of its time and a price tag of $7,500? Does that seem like a fair deal for such an interesting car? Or, solve the problems – and make a wish one day Moving to California – stop this interest?

You decide!

Reno, Nevada, Craigslist. Or go here if the ad disappears.

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