AT&T will bring Fiber-powered internet to Martinsville, Indiana

Martinsville, Indiana and AT&T Collaborate on Plan to Bring Fiber-Powered Broadband to More than 5,000 Customer Premises

The plans call for AT&T Fiber with speeds up to 5 Gig to help bridge the digital divide

City of Martinsville, Ind. and AT&T* are collaborating on a plan to build a state-of-the-art network and deliver AT&T Fiber.SM to more than 5,000 customer points along the city limits. The $6.3 million public-private project is contingent on a final agreement between AT&T and the city.

“After conversations with multiple providers, we found a future-proof partner in AT&T and their 100% fiber network,” said Martinsville Mayor Kenny Costin. “We are grateful that AT&T is stepping up with its plan to provide faster internet speeds for our city – especially for our teachers, students, parents and small businesses. We look forward to enjoying the benefits of AT&T Fiber for many years to come.”

Plans for the project call for all city residents and businesses to have access to fast upload and download speeds of up to 5 Gigabytes.1 Faster speeds and increased bandwidth allow customers to connect multiple devices simultaneously, stream multiple entertainment sources, quickly upload content to social media, and experience ultra-low latency for high-end gaming.

The Martinsville City Council and Board of Public Works approved the project at their respective meetings on September 12. Extensive planning and engineering work will begin immediately after contract execution. The construction of the network is expected to be completed within 24 months after the signing of the contract.

“Bringing fast and reliable AT&T Fiber to communities like Martinsville shows how valuable public-private partnerships can be in bridging the digital divide,” said AT&T Indiana President Bill Soards. “It’s been great working with the city on this project, which will bring our fastest long-term internet solution to city residents, business leaders and educators.”

AT&T has extensive experience deploying fiber optics in Indiana. In fact, hundreds of thousands of locations across the state today have access to AT&T Fiber. AT&T has been selected to deliver AT&T Fiber to residents and businesses in parts of Indiana using a public-private partnership. AT&T Fiber is the fastest of the major providers, offering symmetrical speeds of up to 5-Gigs on uploads and downloads.2

Residents and businesses can learn more about AT&T Fiber at and sign up to receive notifications when service becomes available at

AT&T is committed to connecting more Americans to reliable, high-speed broadband in several ways, including expanding and upgrading our network and participating in the federal Affordable Connection Program (ACP). The ACP provides up to $30 per month (up to $75 on tribal lands) to eligible families to reduce the cost of broadband service and can be applied to all of our AT&T Fiber speed tiers. Plus, you can apply your ACP benefit to Access from AT&T to get internet speeds up to 100Mbps, if available, for $0.

Once ACP has confirmed your eligibility, call 866-986-0963 to discuss your options and book service. Make sure you have your National Authenticator program ID with you when you call.

About AT&T in Indiana

From 2019 to 2021, AT&T has invested more than $1 billion in its wireless and wireless networks in Indiana to expand coverage and improve connectivity in more communities. This investment has improved reliability, coverage and overall performance for residents and businesses. It also provides enhanced critical communications services for Indiana first responders using the FirstNet® network.

To be the Best Broadband Provider

Whether you’re at home, at work or on the go, we’re on a mission to be America’s best broadband provider. We do this by connecting the most reliable 5G network3 With the fastest growing fiber internet in America4, so you get a seamless experience from a single provider. Being the best communications provider also means serving the critical mission of America’s first responders. FirstNet®, built with AT&T, is the only purpose-built, nationwide wireless broadband communications platform dedicated to the public safety community.

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