The Unfolding

Life is a beautiful unfoldingLike the petals of a colorful flower, spreading fragrance across the worldWe learn to embrace the unexpected turns,Enjoying the scenery in our detours when lost Life trials Reveal the priceless gems hidden within,Glittering, polished by hard-earned lessonsUnwrapping the many gifts of life if we care to lookNoticing the Gradual disclosure of… Continue reading The Unfolding


Some days

Some days are going to be gloomy, like a cloud-covered skyBut even cloudy skies are beautiful, the sun hidden in the horizonSome days you are going to struggle and persevere through painBut even on the darkest days, birds sing and flowers bloom Seasons come and goChange is the only constantNothing is permanent everything fades in… Continue reading Some days


Life, a dream – A Poem on Life

Exploring the mountainsTraversing the wide oceansFrom kingdom to kingdom, you dine and intertwine with kings and queensHaving the best adventures molded in your dreamsEach escapade feeding your hunger for moreNow more dangerous and daringInventing technology, to forget you were dreamingDay and night shortened, moving fast in timeHiding levels within dreams, lost convinced this to be… Continue reading Life, a dream – A Poem on Life



"When life throws at you lemons, make lemonade." Sometimes life is hard. You do your best, making realistic plans, taking action steps, and being consistent. These among many other steps, but somehow you keep straining. Your intended goals disappearing further from the vicinity. Feelings of giving up creep in, like thieves in the night. Tempted… Continue reading Lemons